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#fotorcollage midlife woman in faux fur sweater with white jeans #Fashionover50

You may have noticed that I recently switched my online photo editing to fotor. A major reason was that they have many design functions all in one place online. This feature saves me a lot of time and money. Formerly, I used different software packages to produce pins for my posts, create o cards, design flyers and posters (to promote my fashion talks in town), as well as to brand, crop, and resize my photos for the blog.

Photo cropped and branded with PicMonkey
#fashionover40 midlife woman in silver leather skirt
Same photo cropped and branded with fotor
#styleover50 #midlifestyle woman in posh going out look
Chanel silver leather skirt, T-shirt with print of rocket science mission, D&GM sunglasses, Jord bamboo watch, BCBG studded ankle strap pumps, and Esprit shoulder bag (all own)

Fotor: One-stop for photo editing, collages, posters, Christmas cards, …

Of course, this website is perfect to crop images. However, it can do so much more, even for a normal person, who is not a blogger. Therefore, read on why you too will love this online editing page.

Make cool collages online

Fotor has a cool collage function. It permits you to combine various photos into one png or jpg file. How cool does such a collage look on Instagram? Perfect to impress your friends, and so easy to make! Just go into collage; Pick a collage design of your choice; Click it and move your uploaded photos right into the collage template; Save and download it to your device and post it.

#midlifestyle #fotorcollage showing various details of posh chic date night outfit
Collage of photos created with the fotor collage design feature. Date night out consists of H&M sequin skirt, GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, Dagwood flower beads statement necklace, GNW opaque tight, Adidas sneakers (all own), and hand-painted silk scarf c/o Uno Alla Volta. As demonstrated here the collage feature permits showing various details advance. So to speak it you can use it to tell a story.

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Create unique personalized Christmas cards, invitations, greetings, …

It gets even better. People can make Christmas card in seconds through fotor! It’s as easy as making collages. It works with the same principle: Upload your photos, choose the design and theme for your card, move the photos into place. Download the created collage as png or jpg. Email the card to friends and family. Done! The example below shows a Christmas card that I created just by uploading photos.

#fotortemplate Christmas card with outfit photo

There are templates for Father’s day, Mother’s Day, and all kinds of life events. Of course, you can also alter the templates in various ways. To create the Christmas card below, I used the same template as for the card above. However, I altered the font type, colors of background, lines and mistletoe, and added a test box for my signature. When you are good at finding the 6 differences, you will recognize that I also played with the setup of the photo boxes and the location of the lines, mistletoe, and greetings.

#HighLatitudeStyle #fotor Christmas Greeting card

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Be your own designer

When you have more time, and/or want to be really creative, you can edit the greetings; Change the font size, color, and type; Move the position of the greetings, decoration, and photos around; Change the background color; Alter the size of the photo boxes, and much more. You get the idea.

Design posters online with fotor

Do you need a poster to advertise an event like a ball, sale, or fund raiser? No problem! They also have great poster design features.

#fotor #TopOfTheWorldStyle example featuring the poster feature

The example above shows a poster that I designed using a fotor poster template. I changed the colors, font types and sizes, added additional text, changed the text in already existing text boxes, and added my branding HLS as a gift box, and the award banners as Christmas baubles.

Of course, when you make a poster for a party at work, or a fundraiser that you organizer, you probably will just choose a template and add your information; Download and print. There are so many templates for various occasions. I am sure you find a suitable one.

Try this cool online editing tool out. Let me know what you think.

P.S.: Did I mention that you can also produce Facebook covers, YouTube covers, thumbnails, Pinterest pins with this image editing tool?

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by fotor. They did not endorse the post. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my 100% honest opinion.

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