Flowers in the parking lot

#over40 Mature woman in denim dress High Latitude Style

A couple of years ago this parking lot was a dirt lot with many dandelions. Now the only flowers there are those printed on my pumps. The special thing about this parking lot is that on clear days, you can see the Alaska Range and Denali (or Mt. McKinley) the highest mountain in the USA from here. Due to the wildfires and water vapor in the air, however, one gets the impression to have a view on a large plain instead on a day like today.

It is still hot in Alaska. Last week we had temperatures in the 90s (>32.2C). To keep cool I am wearing my jeans dress that is cut straight, i.e. for my taste relatively wide.  So it is sort of breezy and casual. To show some shape I wear a metal belt. The floral pumps pick up the colors of the belt and add some polish to the jeans dress.

Photo by G. Kramm

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