In love with flowers big like toilet seats

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Back view of Chica’s summer dress with oversize floral pattern (own)

How I got the dress

A couple of years ago on a day with 30 below zero (-34.4oC), my husband and I went shopping for a dress for the Moonlight Ball. I wanted a high-low hem dress in a jewel color. I don’t like ordering dance dresses online, as it is important to test-drive them with some of the dance moves that we do.

At that time, there was a little boutique in Fairbanks that had specialized in prom dresses. I was trying out some of the dresses that looked like they might fit, while my husband was outside the fitting room still browsing the store. When I came out to test the dress’ response to some dance moves with my husband, he stood there with a high-low hem dress on a hanger and asked “how do you like this dress?” My response was “Wow, this is quite a fashion statement with flowers as big as toilet seats.” “what do you mean?” he asked. “I would buy it, if I were looking for a summer dress that doesn’t go out of style because it is a statement in itself. But it’s not black tie. Let’s test out this emerald dress.”

He put the hanger with the dress back on the wall where he obviously had found it and came over. We made some Argentine tango moves while the other people in the store watched. There is not much going on at the last frontier. Thus, we were entertainment. We decided that the emerald dress qualified.

I went back into the dressing room, handed the emerald dress out, so my husband could already check us out, while I put on my layers of layers of winter gear. When you buy an evening gown at 30 below, you have not only to take off your clothes, but also your long underwear. Thus, it takes a while until you are back in your clothes.

When we came home, I wanted to hang the dress in my closet. I opened the bag and guess what? He had not only bought the emerald dress for the ball, but also this summer dress.

Swap gowns with your girl friends

I wore the emerald gown twice and then gave it to my girlfriend. I know she wore it at least once. I have no clue who owns it now. But I still have this statement summer dress with this unusually large flower print. Since summer is so short in Alaska I also often wear it when we go out for dancing. I love this dress so much that it was the dress I launched this blog with.

Styling the low-high hem floral dress

Here I paired the dress with golden flat sandals, a metal bag that stems from a vacation in Morocco when I still was in graduate school, and a straw hat. I used the scarf that came with the dress as head band.

#styleover40 floral summer dress
Chica summer dress with straw hat, metal bag, and sandals (all own)

Have you ever opened your shopping bag and found something unexpected in there? if so, what was the surprise item that you found in your shopping bag? Who put it in there? Let me know. Send me an email. I like to hear from you.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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