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2 ways 2 create fitting room nightmares

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#fashionover40 woman in work outfit
I.N.C. chocolate brown leather pants with knitwit cashmere sweater, layering top, statement necklace and Clarks booties (all own)

Worldwide clothes shopping needs fitting rooms. A simple principle of a room to try on a potential item. Straight forward, one could think. (Wo)man, it’s not that easy! Here are two examples of how vendors tackle the task and create (wo)men’s fitting room nightmares.

German fitting rooms

In Germany, for instance, fitting rooms are often as small as a restroom at McDonalds. You can barely turn around, testing a skirt sitting, moving, etc. is close to impossible, or at least difficult. Usually, these stalls have a stool, at least that fits somehow. 😉 A slimming mirror that makes everyone look great and tanned serves a salesman. The one hook on the wall can either hold your own or their clothes! You choose. A long curtain serves to give privacy, but its width is too small to actually close the view to all angles. In large apparel houses covering a low to medium price range, the fitting rooms may be in a separate area of the store, blocked by a mid-age (!) sales person who will hand you a card in different colors. They indicate how many items you take into the fitting room. Often the maximum is three. You become an unpaid employee of the store as you have to hang the items back to the rack that don’t make your cut. Sounds like punishment for not bring them to any American customer.

The nightmare besides the lying mirror and tight space: You have to decide whether you try the item in three sizes or three different items in the size you think that may fit. You will have to fully dress again to get another size or item depending on the initial choice, and undress again. Well, a nice exercise to burn off calories. 😉

Fitting rooms in the US

Space is no issue and fitting rooms have a large bench, many hooks, and (lying) mirror inside. The fitting rooms have a door that you can lock from the inside and you can bring as many items inside as you can carry. Paradise – German fashionistas and fashionisters may think! Forget it!

The nightmare? The many hooks are overloaded with the rejects of the person who used the room before. Customers are not supposed to hang unwanted items back on the racks. In big stores, the fitting rooms are often locked like a safe. You will have to hunt down a salesperson who has a key. The door will snap locked when you leave the room like to ensure that you cannot get a second opinion from a trusted person on the fit, flattering, etc.

What is your fitting room nightmare?


#over40fashion woman in winter office look
Side view of above outfit of INC leather pants with knitwit sweater, Clarks booties, layering top and statement necklace (all own)

None of the items in this outfit has ever seen a fitting room. They were all online purchases. In this outfit, I wanted a color coordinated work look and went for leather pants and a V-neck animal print sweater. I added interest with the layering top and statement necklace. The monochromatic outfit works because of the different textures and materials.

For the commute, I added my motorcycle shearling jacket which made it a leather-on-leather look. It works because of the different shades of brown and the different structure of the leather of the pants and jacket.

Do you wear leather-on-leather?

#over50fashion woman in outerwear featuring leather on leather
Andrew Marc shearling motorcycle jacket with INC leather pants, 3.1 Philip Lim bag and Clarks booties (all own)

You can find further inspirations on styling leather pants office appropriately, wearing a long leather skirt, and how to work the leather on leather trend over 40 at these link.

When you are interested in reviews of the newest trends, and fashion and how to turn them into personal style, to look to your best in midlife, subscribe to High Latitude Style. Deep inside you know when I can do it, you can do it too.

Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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