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Mid wash distressed ripped mom jeans c/o Femme Luxe with own Anne Klein turtleneck cableknit sweater, head band, statement belt, Salamander shearling booties

Who doesn’t like a cheap trendy wardrobe update? I tested a new (to me) brand from the UK called Femme Luxe. Here is what I think about the inexpensive Femme Luxe knit dress, distressed mommy jeans, black utility jacket and lounge wear.

  1. Introduction to Femme Luxe
  2. What I Ordered
    • How to Style the Oversized Jumper Femme Luxe Knit dress
    • Styling mid wash distressed ripped mom jeans the Alaska way
    • What to Wear with the Utility Jacket
    • How I wear lounge wear
  3. Price-performance ratio
  4. Who Would like these Clothes?
    • Where Can You Buy a Femme Luxe Clothing?
  5. In Summary

Disclosure: The clothing in this post are samples from Femme Luxe chosen by me from their pre-selection. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Introduction to Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe is an online store in the UK for trendy fashion. They have various collections that encompass work wear, airport outfits, going out (date night, girls’ night out, brunch), wedding guest attire, loungewear and casual simple jeans with a top. My fav – their coat collection! Affordable trends on sale at the end-of-winter that will still last a while up here in the Interior.  😉

Their store can serve as a one-stop outfit shopping place. They also offer shoes and accessories, think bags, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, hair-pieces, scarves and even perfume. In other words, everything you need to elevate a simple to a killer outfit.

I recommend to set the currency to that of your country when browsing the store. Their size guide is very helpful. It translates UK sizes into the sizes of various countries. It also converts measurements in inches to centimeters and vice versa. No math needed. <3

Students, apprentice and 16-26 years old get 10% off of everything. Sorry, no senior or military discount. But everyone can sign up for their reward program. You earn points when shopping and can redeem them later.

They have various delivery options, a clear laid out return policy, a very helpful FAQ page.

What I ordered

When the package arrived, I was pretty excited. Since the cold weather already lasts so long, I needed new pieces in my winter wardrobe. I picked

  1. a pair of distressed mom-jeans as a styling challenge for myself,
  2. lounge-wear because I never owned any and temperatures below -30F (-34.4oC) mean staying at home a lot and you want be cozy, comfy and chic,
  3. a pink knit-sweater dress for new business casual office  looks with a spring vibe, and
  4. a black utility jacket/shirt dress as a year-round wardrobe basic replacement, sort of.

How to Style the Oversized Jumper Femme Luxe Knit Dress

Maybe it’s the comfort or it’s that they are practical, but I have a thing for knit dresses. Maybe it’s just sentimental memory. My late mom used to knit garments for my sister and me. I liked to wear them with my brown belt that had a huge two circles buckle. When I saw this pink knitwear, I had to try it out.

Stylist in femme Luxe pink jumper dress, scarf, tall boots


over 50 years old fashion blogger with knit dress from Femme Luxe, belt, boots, tights, belt bangle, necklace
Outfit details: Pink knit jumper dress c/o Femme Luxe with own silver belt, GNW tight, Max Mara boots, unbranded scarf, Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY bangle with quartz and Rebecca Collins necklace


The knit feels so soft. My dry skin really loves the touch. This long sleeve oversized jumper is machine washable and wrinkle-free, i.e. low maintenance. Who likes ironing anyway?

This apparel is a perfect wardrobe addition. It can be styled casual with a denim jacket for the weekend and office-appropriate with a belt and scarf or under a blazer. It is a perfect match for thick opaque tights and heavy winter boots. See this guide for more on styling knit dresses.

And can you go wrong with pink? It’s such a feminine color! Pink is a spring classic. It works well with the winter neutrals like brown, black, navy, burgundy, winter-white and gray, but also with the spring neutrals like light blue, beige, camel, and light gray. See this guide on how to wear pink over 40.

You can substitute pink only with more pink. #fashionquote Click To Tweet

I can recommend this Femme Luxe jumper attire when you look for a stylish, comfortable low price wardrobe update to get out your winter blues.

Styling Mid Wash Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans the Alaska Way

Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of mom jeans, but ordered them anyway as a challenge for myself to demonstrate one can style them in a chic way. I can’t wait to hear what you think. Pin the look if you like it too.

showing the fit of the jeans

Alaskan stylist in jeans, vest, turtleneck sweater headband and booties

blogger in vest, denim pants, tight, sweater, head band, boots picking up snow
Outfit details: Mid wash distressed ripped mom jeans c/o Femme Luxe, own Anne Klein cable knit turtleneck cashmere sweater, Be by Black Noir down vest, statement belt, GNW tight, Salamander shearling booties, Hermes collier de chien bangle, head band with pom poms


I ordered these in a UK size 6 (US size 2). They have some spandex so they fit like a glove. I styled them how Alaskan women wear their distressed mom jeans. Wear tights underneath. I wish I had ordered them a size up so I could wear them with the sweater pants of the new lounge wear (see photos later in this post) underneath having the upper part of the sweater pants sticking out. So Alaskan. Perfect at -30F (-34.4oC) and below. See this guide on looking great in denim for more styling ideas.


What to Wear with the Utility Jacket

I used to have a black utility jacket that I literally wore ’til it fell apart. I was looking for a replacement ever since. No wonder, this black utility tie waist shirt dress – called Tilly – caught my eyes. Even though the description didn’t say jacket, but shirt dress, I chose it in the hope to add a missing basic. I was like, if it fails to work as a jacket, I love this style of shirt dresses.

I’m glad I did. It has the now trendy above-the-bum length. Perfect to hide wide hips or a muscular derriere. It has sort of a water repelling coating. Perfect for slight rain. Love it with a pair of jeans (not shown here, stay tuned for later post).

style book author in Femme Luxe utility jacket, trouser leggings, otk boots

blogger in utility jacket, pants, otk-boots standing in a winter landscape

over 50 years old woman in military style jacket, trousers and thigh high boots
Utility shirt dress c/o Femme Luxe own legging trousers, Dior over-the-knee boots, Hermes collier dec hien bangle. See the pockets have velcro fastener. Wow!


Black is not your color? Wait, they have it in beige and brown too!

How I Wear Lounge Wear

This black short sleeve boxy loungewear set – Lacy – is a UK size 8/10 (US 4/6 or S/M). It comes also in khaki or beige. They have a similar style with long sleeves too. Why did an Alaskan choose the short-sleeve version?

Style, babe! It’s the first ever. Having no second option (yet), picking a short-sleeve means being able to layer (like I did in the photo below) and change the look.

mature woman in Femme Luxe loungewear set standing outside in slides and socks
Loungewear set c/o Femme Luxe over long sleeve T-shirt, DIY socks, own Hermes collier de chien bangle and unbranded shearling slides

Price-performance Ratio

All these items fall into the low-cost category of my wardrobe. Read trendy updates intended to give some spice to the basic workhorses.

The pink beauty has a price of $14.99. You can’t even buy the wool for this price to do it yourself! The cost-per-wear will be already below one dollar after donning the clothing 15 times! Given the long winter up here in Interior Alaska, the investment will hit this mark before I can actually wear real spring items. In other words, it’s a great deal!

The mid-wash of the jeans permits wearing them year-round. They are definitively for staying comfortable at home, on the weekend and in the yard as well as at the playground. In this case, it’s easy to get the cost-per-wear under a dollar given the $12.99 price tag.

The quality of craftsmanship of the jacket was much better than one would expect for the price ($17.99). I was impressed! This piece will make it in the cents per wear over its tenure in my wardrobe.

The loungewear set’s quality fits the expectations for its $13.99.

Who Would like these Clothes

The jumper is an ageless item that works for everyone who looks for a comfort, low care, but versatile dress for an end-of-winter wardrobe update with a vibe of spring.

You will benefit from having several new options on what to wear and staying comfortable in style. With the price tag of a movie ticket, your fun with the dress lasts much longer than a visit in the movie theater. Since it is oversize, it’s also great to hide some bumps and lumps like the midlife stubborn belly fat, love handles and flappy arms. I definitively would buy it when I had to pay for it.

When you are stay-at-home mom on a fashion budget who wants a trendy, comfortable, soft fabric pair of mid wash distressed mom jeans, you will love this pair. It’s also available in light wash.

Frugal and budget fashionistas will love this utility jacket. Also, midlife women who wants to wear the utility jacket trend. I can recommend it. If I had seen this piece in a store, I’d bought it for even $10 more than the price tag. Thumbs up!

Where Can You Buy Femme Luxe Clothing

Femme Luxe has trendy fashion-forward clothing that work also for women in midlife, at low prices that can update your basic wardrobe in multiple way. The quality of craftsmanship and material is in sync or even exceeds what to expect from the tag. Browse their store now.

Femme Luxe has something for every gal, no matter what your style and age. #FemmeLuxe #Luxgal Click To Tweet

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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