February recap and new OOTD

#over40 monochromatic warm winter outfit | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Zoom-in on Moda silk cashmere cardigan with GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle, and snake print leather pants

March is spring month and has just started. This means it is time again time for recap – February recap this time. Here the summary of the posts you liked and viewed the most. Thanks again for your support of High Latitude Style.

The most liked posts

Heavy coats are worse the -30F ML Furs – my picks of best coats for various climates

#over-40-fashion Denim skirt with Andrew March motorcycle shearling jacket | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Andrew Marc shearling motoorcycle jacket with long scarf tied in a European loop, head band, denim skirt, tights, heeled ducks, and Michael Kors leopard print satchel (all own)

ML Furs |Spanish Brown Brisa Mid-Length Shearling Coat | http://www.mlfurs.com/shearlings/spanish-brown-brisa-mid-length-shearling-coat
ML Furs Spanish brown Brisa mid-length shearling coat. I love the outstanding and distinct different cut of this coat as compared to other shearlings and/or motorcycle jackets

The most viewed posts

Review of Akoya pearl necklace from The Pearl Source Dress for Success – Job Interview
Ayoka peral necklace c/o The Pearl Source Inc. | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Authentic AKOYA pearl necklace from pearl farms of Japan c/o The Pearl Source, Inc.

#Akoya pearls c/o The Pearl Source, Inc. | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Zoom-in on Akoya pearl necklace under natural light to show the great luster of the pearls

#interviewoutfit Fall interview outfit | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Ruby Belle tailored dress with sheer panty hose, pumps, structured office bag and cocoon leather coat as outerwear (all own) for an interview outfit in fall


I continued my mini series Dress for Success. The four new issues were Dress for Success – Valentine’s Day, Dress for success – movies, Dress for Success – Job Interview, and Dress for Success – Interview for a creative job. You can find previous posts in the archive. The next post of this series goes up tomorrow.

The Monday series Focus Alaska shed light on Alaska’s sole lottery, the Nenana Ice Classics, on how Chinese immigrants celebrate the Chinese New Year in Alaska, how Alaskans support each other, and ice fog.

My monthly series Avoid Rocky Blogging Mistakes featured the importance of your own layout. The next post of this series goes up March 10, 2015.


I am also very thankful to Liz from Shopping my Closet and Zarouhi from Mama and More for inviting me to co-host their weekly linkup parties. Thank you ladies. I felt especially graceful for all of you who linked up to show your OOTD and made these parties so special. Thank you all.


Now to the new OOTD. I wanted to create a monochromatic warm work outfit that already shows some spring mood. I paired a cardigan and sweater in two different shades of winter-white that also have a different texture. The different texture adds interest and keeps the outfit from looking “Old Lady” or old-fashioned. This way the cardigan-sweater combination has the vibe of wearing a twinset, but less stiff. The snake print has various shades from winter white over light gray to light beige and hence stays in the color scheme. For a pop of color I accessorized with a peridot bead necklace. The semi-precious stones look like the first leaves of spring. The pearls again pick up the color scheme. How do you “cheat” your spring outfit when there are still eight weeks of winter left?

#over40 monochromatic winter office outfit | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Sienna Studio snake print leather pants with GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, Moda silk cashmere cardigan, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and peridot beads and pearl necklace (all own)

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