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Not a Real Woman Because of Wrong Expectations

“You are not a real woman!” one of my classmate in college said. It hurts like being hit by the bus, but I kindly replied “Why do you think that?” “Because you wear jeans, sweaters and a scarf all the time. No nail polish, no makeup. And you fly gliders and drive a car.”

real life fall work outfit

mature fall work outfit outfit for a Real Woman
Burberry trench coat, Isaac Mizrahi sweater, Great Northwest denim jacket, eShakti lace skirt, Prada bag, and DIY necklace (all own)

Not a Real Woman Because of Your Size

“You have to look in the youth department, here is the women department!” a salesperson answered when I asked for my size. “I am over 40” I replied with a smile and hung the beautiful wool tweed skirt back on the rack (and left the store).

“No we don’t have such small sizes in bras” a sales person said with the look on her face like “you don’t need a bra, every Alaskan male has more than you.”

“You are not a real woman, eat a burger.” was one of the comments on facebook under one of my outfit posts.

“They don’t make any nice clothes for real women” my mother once said when we were shopping dresses for my high school graduation.

midlife blogger in denim with lace outfit
Great Northwest denim jacket with black lace pencil skirt, and Prada bag (all own)

All Women Are Real

You can probably add some of your “real women” encounters. One often hears the statement that nice fashion or trends are not made for real women. From a market point of view, this statement must be wrong. The fashion industry would be fast out of business otherwise. If the statement were right, it would mean real women buy the wrong clothes or clothes they don’t want. Or what? Do I miss something, don’t get the point?

slim senior in denim with lace outfit
Great Northwest denim jacket, eShakti lace pencil skirt, and Prada bag (all own)

Don’t Google It!

Being curious, I googled the term real woman. Big mistake! I couldn’t eat so much as I wanted to throw up! What I found was even worse than some of the “non-real women” encounters above! So sad! 🙁

Posh American Classic worn by a Real Woman over 50
Great Northwest denim jacket, eShakti pencil skirt, Isaac Mizrahi sweater, and Prada bag (all own)

So what is a real woman?

Let’s tackle this in a science kind of way. There are two definitions of real.

  1. Real means actually existing as a thing or fact. Real is synonyms for actual, nonfictional, factual, and real-life. For example, Claudia Fischer is a real person, in contrast to imagined like Daisy Duck.
  2. Real describes a substance or thing that is genuine, original, authentic, in contrast to imitated, knock-off and/or artificial.

A woman is defined as

  1. an adult human female. Synonyms are lady, grown-up girl, and female person.
  2. a wife, girlfriend, lover, sweetheart, partner, significant other, inamorata, mistress.

Ok, here the last part is clearly a “can” statement, and not the meaning we are looking for. 😉

Now let’s add the definitions up to define a real woman. A real woman is an actual real-life, genuine, authentic female human being. In conclusion, we are all real women.

Stop the fashion bullying, and let us dress like actual real-life, genuine, authentic female human beings!

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