Every 40 or 50 something woman loves clothes like the next gal. There are so many blogging fashionistas in their 20s and 30s, but once it comes past 40 fashion bloggers become rare. Why is this?

stylish arm candies
Zoom-in on arm candies. Left most three Hermes enamel bangles, right family heirloom (all own)


It can’t be that these women are not tech savvy enough. There are many lifestyle, and food bloggers in their 40s and beyond. Some of them even once in a while post polyvores, or a great fashion or thrift find. But just the item. No modeling of the score.

fashion over 40 work outfit
Barbour cable-knit dress with Burberry plaid blazer, Gucci belt, GNW tights, and Antonio Maneli booties (all own)


I remember that during my 10s to early 40s I hated it when someone wanted to take a picture of me. I avoided it like the plaque. I didn’t like the difference between how I saw me and the camera (and others) saw me. This dislike, however, should be equally distributed among all age classes. Hence, a photo-phobia cannot explain the lack of 40+, 50+, 60+, etc. fashion blogger. Moreover, it can be overcome.

fashion influencer over 50 in knit dress
Barbour cable-knit dress with GNW tights, Antonio Maneli booties, accessorized with necklace and Hermes and other bangles (all own)


The lack of fashion blogger beyond 40 must have to do with the body image the society has about women beyond 40. When I was a kid, they were kids or teenager or in their twenties. There were these ads “Oil of Olay” for the skin after 30. As a kid I heard “After 30, you are done.” Well, later in life I realized that this is not the case, and the ad is a business trick to sell the product to as many customers as possible. So you start young on Oil of Olay. 😉

fashionover50 Alaska spring look
Barbour cable-knit dress with Burberry plaid blazer, Gucci belt, GNW tights, Chanel bag, boxy leather coat, and Antonio Maneli booties (all own)


But the societal aspect is much deeper than the ads. When you are young, everyone allows you to experiment with fashion to find “yourself.” That’s in your 10s to 20s, may be 30s. However, your life changes continuously. In your 40s, your life is different than in your 20s when you had kids, than in you 30s when they became teenagers.

Once you are an empty nester, your life changes again, but you are supposed not to change? Odd! Odd3 as the scientist in me wants to scream.

When I tell younger women or men that I run a fashion blog they think that this is so cool. When I tell someone my age or older that I run a blog, they get excited. Once they find out that it is a fashion blog, I get every look from pity, over “you can’t age gracefully” to “are you kidding me, no woman your age has a fashion blog.”

Well, I do have a fashion blog, and yes, I love being a fashion blogger, and yes, I don’t age gracefully. I want to be in control of my life and “aging gracefully” is passive and so not me, i.e. in plain English, it is not part of my plan.

Why do you think that there are so few fashion blogger over 40, 50, 60, 70….?

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What do you thinks about fashion over 40? Do you think it is fun to turn fashion into style? Do you think that 40+ fashionistas are having great style?

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