eShaki empowers effective designing with incredible possibilities

Have you ever faced a situation like this?

You see a piece of clothing you immediatefall in love with except that it doesn’t have sleeves? Nevertheless, you try it on because you really love the great craftsmanship, color, and fabric. It’s even a perfect fit! The dress makes all parts of your body look stunning, but due to the lack of sleeves it draws unwanted attention to your arms. They are the body part that is your least favorite – or let me reword this, the body part you have hated ever since your childhood. Frustrated you hang it back on the rack and the search for the perfect dress continues.

You wonder why they make so few dresses with sleeves. Wouldn’t it be awesome when you could tell the retailer “I want this piece, but in that length with this type of collar, and that type of sleeves?” Like getting your wishes fulfilled by Cinderella’s fairy. It would be a dream!

eShakti has a new feature

It’s not only a dream. eShakti now has made this “If only!” feature a reality. Their breakthrough feature permits women to order their clothes according to their taste and personal style to look their best ever. This is what I call turning fashion into style!

In the old times, cut to their body shape and taste clothes were an expensive privilege only the glitterati and the priviledged few were able to afford. Now you can afford it too! How great is that?

By just a few clicks you design your perfect dream clothes. Without or with sleeves of different type and length, set the hem length to the most flattering point of your leg, pick a collar or neckline, you name it! The number of possibilities is huge. Creating a unique piece that is so you is at your finger tips. Only your imagination is the limit!

How it works

The new feature makes clothes designing easy. You don’t need to be über-computer savvy to use the tool. Here is a quick how-to tutorial:

  1. Go to eShkti’s web page by clicking this link.
  2. This will bring you to start page of the feature On this page you see various versions of the dress that’s in the featured (first) photo of my post. Click it anywhere.
  3. It will lead you to a page with the “basic” photos of clothes that you can personalize. Scroll down to pick your favorite. Lets assume it is this gorgeous plaid dress. cute plaid dress for the holidays, office and dancingback view of slimming plaid dress
  4. Click on the dress and you will get the page where you can do the designing.standard desciption of the item and price
  5. Scroll down and enter your sizing.eShakti size chartAs you see, I clicked size 2 as an example. If you are between sizes, top or bottom heavy, just ignore the size table and scroll down a bit further. There you can enter you own measures.creating a custom size to order with the breakthrough new featureThis means your piece is made to order at the same price!
  6. Once finished, scroll on and start designingmade to style choice 3/4 sleeves Here I picked 3/4 quarter sleeves.just above the knee length I chose just above the knee because I want to show off my legs.
  7. If you don’t like pockets, just click to remove them. While they are very proactical feature, they may add weight to your hips. Not everyone likes that.
  8. Now you get a listing of what you chose. Of course, you can scroll up to change options, size, etc. listing of the chosen option of eShakti's new tool
  9. Go to checkout or continue making your perfect wardrobe. checkout screenshotHave fun!

My previous experience with customization

I have a couple of eShkti dresses that I had asked them to customize. They all turned out well. This new feature from eShakti is so much easier than before. Love it.

I can recommend their clothes to you as all the ones I ordered where well sewn, and the quality of the fabrics has been great. I especially love the softness of their cotton dresses and that they stayed in form! Here are some examples of my pieces that I had bought over the years from them.

#turningfashionintostyle midlife woman in oversized sequin embellished denim jacket, lace skirt, pumps, and Kate spade basket bag eShakti lace skirt. Here I chose above the knee hem and a high waist.
#advancedfashion printed skirt with color blocked top Color-block cropped top with elbow length sleeves
#fashionove 50 woman in colorful fit-and-flare Abstract print dress. Here I picked the boat-neck, skirt- and sleeve length
#fashionover40 example gingham button-down shirt with sheath eShakti sheath created as a jumper for a more casual look
#styleover40 blogger Nicole in colorful outfit with stripes and floral print Floral print fit-and-flare dress. Here I went with cap-sleeves and above-the-knee hem.
#AgelessStyle cotton tailored fit-and-flare dress Fit-and-flare color blocked cotton jersey dress. Cap sleeves and high necks are a thing for me
#fashionover40 Style blogger in a little red dress Little red dress. Again my favorite 3/4-sleeves and skirt-hem style
wedges #streetstyle Alaskan blogger in bomber, unique skirt and tee My very first made for me skirt

In a nutshell

The new eShakti feature permits designing all items indicated with FX on their site with a handfull of clicks for a unique perfectly-me item at an affordable price for Jane Doe, Lieschen Müller, Madame Toutlemonde, María Gómez, Elke vrouw in de straat, you name it. Create your unique just you piece now.

It was never so easy and affordable to personalize your clothes than with this new feature. #eShakti Click To Tweet

You will never stress out again about what to wear when with the style recipes in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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