My favs of Warby Parker’s spring eye protection

In addition to its Spring collection (examples above), Warby Parker has the Palm-Canyon Collection. I took a close look at the latter. The Palm-Canyon collection revisits classics, but gives revives them with a modern twist. Warby Parker took fabulous classics into the 21 century by giving them an up-to-date with right now colors, pattern, details, and material.

Warby Parker sunglasses

Warby Parker men sunglasses

The Duckworth, for instance, reminds of the movies of the 50s. However, it is not back in time, rather forward into the future with its interesting painting on the frame. The Duckworth (below) comes as regular frame for prescription glasses as well as with UV protection sky-blue glasses, ready to hit the desert sun. The name Painted Desert just comes naturally for these spectacular specs.

Warby Parker Duckworth sunglasses

The frame of the Preston (below) reminds me of the geologist’s classic tortoise shell reading glasses in the movie Dantes Peak from the 90s. In the case of this classic, the twist is genius as well. The classic pattern of tortoise shell is just the inspiration. The pattern is hold in warm brown and red with just a hint of lighter brown. Again the client has the choice between a regular frame or sunglasses. The green shades build the perfect stylish contrast to the red in the frame without being loud.

Warby Parker Preston sunglasses

The Winston (below) makes its name honor. It is big, but great big. It has character like the late British prime minister. Here the modern twist is the frame itself. It is slightly edgier than one has seen it before and the metal decor at the top of the tortoise inspired frame adds further interest. This is a frame one will remember. It is cool as regular frame as well as a statement pair of sunglasses with its grayish bluish glasses.

Winston sunglasses

The Wheeler (below) is the nerdy one of this collection. The Wheeler makes a big step away from the oblong glasses of the last decade. The Wheeler’s frame shows nearly round reminding of nerdy professors of the 40s. Einstein comes to mind. The cool factor of the Wheeler comes from the material’s looking like wood with green glasses or being totally black, which is quite unexpected.

Warby Parker Wheeler sun protection

Wheeler Warby Parker sunglasses in black

The collection is fabulous and Warby Parker made it really hard for the buyer to pick just one.

Photos: Courtesy to Brian Magida

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