The best fashion trends are the distinct and unique fashion accessories of a season that look good on you. Fashion trends often repeat cyclically, or take cues from past decades or centuries with a modern spin. However, styling them strongly differs from how you wore them back then. The likelihood of a déjà vu trend increases for women in midlife.

To not look old fashioned, you need to know how to wear the trends today in the modern way. In addition to this information, you can find posts discussing which trends to skip, and which to adopt as well as which trends are worth spending money on. Of course, you also find which trends of last season you should retire. The goal is to elevate your look from great to the best when updating your wardrobe for the current trends. Since from an economic point of view, the best fashion trends are those that are perennials or classics, you can find this information here as well.

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Max Mara coat, Valentino boots, Edith Leiber belt, Arts Dolezza jacket, dress c/o Femme Luxe, purse VO

How to Become a Trendsetter

How to become a trendsetter encompasses what makes a trendsetter, a list of skills to develop with links to obtain them, and examples which current trends work with which personal style.

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