Awesome look with warm heeled ducks

fashion over 40 woman in tweed skirt and denim jacket
Levis denim jacket, thrifted collar, GNW Luxe sweater, Ann Taylor floral tweed skirt, GNW tight, and heeled ducks (all own)

Ducks, not the Ducks

No this story is not about Donald Duck, his fiance Daisy, nephews, Grandma or uncle. It is about one of the second favorite shoes of most Alaskans. The number one, again this sounds like a Walt Disney story, is the bunny boot. These boots have nothing to do with the Easter bunny or a comic bunny. They are white rubber boots that originally were used in the military of Arctic deployments. They have very thick insulation, which makes your feet look big, wide and long like the back paws of a white bunny. If it is really cold, there is no better footwear than bunny boots. However, when temperatures are in the -20F (-28.9oC to -33.9oC), duck boots are worn by people who like to dress casually.

When I arrived in Alaska and saw duck boots for the first time, I thought duck boots are the most ugliest shoes on the planet. I could not even imagine to wear them. Well, I changed my mind. At that time, first, I had not seen bunny boots yet, and second, Hilfiger had not yet had the idea to make them with heels.  When I saw heeled duck boots on the Hilfiger runway, I had to have duck boots with heels. What a big difference such a small change like adding a heel makes! Thus,

Never say never.

Here I am wearing my heeled ducks with floral tweed skirt, a denim jacket, navy blue cashmere sweater (turned backwards), tights and a long pendant statement necklace that originally was an earring.

Styling outerwear

I love to create also an outer outfit. As an outer layer I wore a belted shearling coat and big mixed material hat. The blue gloves pick up the blue shades in the skirt’s floral pattern and the blue of the boots, while the bag picks up the brown shades of the outfit.

Brown shearling coat, tiger eye gemstone embellished statement belt, GNW tight, heeled ducks, LV bucket bag, thrifted hat and leather gloves (all own)

Do you like duck boots? What do you think about ducks with heels? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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