Dryel gives you the freedom to wear your look when you want it

iDryel clothes cleaning pens

Prior to knowing Dryel

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t buy a piece of clothes when the care instruction said Dry Cleaning only. I just didn’t like that I would have to drive to the dry cleaner, drop the piece off, wait half a week, pay for the cleaning upon pick it up, ensure that the piece wouldn’t wrinkle on the drive home, have to air the piece as I don’t like the smell. For these reasons I didn’t wear any pants like the one in this posts outfit.

fashion over 40 woman in summer outfit
Side view of outfit with Orvis pants, Coach bag, Shein shirt, statement belt (all own), wood watch c/o Jord, sunnies c/o Winkwood and aviator jacket c/o Shein

After trying Dryel

Well, that was before I was introduced to Dryel. Now I don’t put a piece of clothes aside when I love it, the price is right, it is a perfect fit for my shape and the pieces I already own, but the care instruction says Dry Cleaning only.

iDryel starterkit and refill
Dryel Starter Kit (left) and Refill (right). The former includes a reuseable fabric protection bag, 3 FL OZ booster spray, and 4 ultra cleaning clothes for at-home dry cleaning in your own dryer. It is good for 4 loads with up to 5 pieces. The refill box includes a booster spray and 8 ultra cleaning clothes, i.e. enough for 8 loads.

Why the sudden change of mind?

A girl friend of mine introduced me to Dryel at-home dry cleaning. Since she was so excited about at-home dry cleaning, I tried it myself. I immediately understood her excitement. I save time with Dryel at-home dry cleaning as I don’t have to drive to the dry cleaner. Dryel is easy to use as you can see in my infographic on how to use Dryel. A starter package permits to dry clean 20 pieces at home at half the price I normally pay for one item at the dry cleaner. I only have to wait about 15 minutes to have my clothes cleaned at home in my own dryer instead of 3 to 5 days at the dry cleaner’s. The ultra cleaning clothes has biodegradable cleaning agents and no harsh chemicals. Thus, cleaned items smell so good that I even keep the dry cleaning clothes and put it into my underwear drawer. But most importantly, Dryel gives me the freedom to wear what I want when I want it! I love being in control of my own affairs. <3

fashion blogger over 40 in casual look with pants
Orvis seesucker pants, Shein patched shirt, statement belt, Coach bag (all own), Creamy Waffle sunglasses c/o Winkwood, and bomber jacket c/o Shein

IDryel view of contents of starter kit and refill and protection bag
Look into the Dryel Starter Kit (left) and Refill package (bottom right). On the upper right, the reuseable fabric protection bag with zipper closure is shown.

Try it out, you will love that freedom too! Not to mention who doesn’t love to save time and money? You can find the starter kit and refills at your grocery store in the clothes cleaning aisle, at Target, Walmart or order it online from Dryel or at amazon.

iDryel dDryel dry cleaning pen
Dryel dry cleaning pen. To illustrate the size a red liquid lip stain is shown in the far left. The dry cleaning pen fits easily in a makeup bag for use on the go when ever needed.

P.S. Dryel now even has a dry cleaning pen the size of a liquid lipstick. It fits in your purse with the makeup items and can give you the peace of mind to always be prepared when a “spill” happens. Remember except for Dalmatians and leopards, spots are never in style!

mature fashion woman in casual summer pants
Shein shirt, Orvis summer pants, Coach bag, statement belt (all own), sunglasses c/o Winkwood and bomber c/o Shein

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Photos: N. Mölders, G. Kramm

Disclosure: I am a proud member of the Dryel Brand Ambassador Program. This post is sponsored by Dryel. They didn’t endorse this post. I wrote this post myself, and it is not endorsed by them.

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