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Posh Casual Friday work outfit

I like to wear jeans and a chambray combined with a blazer and pumps for Casual Friday. This Friday, I picked a relaxed pair of dark jeans. I bought these jeans on purpose with an longer inseam than the inseam of my legs. The plan was to wear the jeans either with sturdy heeled ankle booties that are hidden that way, or to roll them up to ankle length or shorter to wear them with pumps.

fashion over 40 woman in Casual Friday office look
Custom made Oliveo linen blazer and Oliveo jeans, Great Northwest denim shirt, smoky quartz belt, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, 3.1 Philip Lim bag (all own)

Besides that chambray shirts feel nice on the skin I also love them because they do not need to be ironed and are a basic wardrobe staple that goes with many other items in my closet. To avoid that the outfit gets too casual for work or even gets a weekend vibe, I added a bold belt, silver pumps, and a fitted taupe linen blazer. The fuchsia bag adds a pop of color to the otherwise neutral outfit.

Outfit for dry, cool and calm wind days

This outfit works well on a dry fall day with temperatures in the mid 40s (7-8oC) in a continental climate. I definitively would not wear this outfit on a day with this temperature condition in western Europe or the Pacific Northwest. Why? In a continental climate like the Interior of Alaska, the Yukon Territory or Eastern Europe, i.e., far away from the ocean or large lakes, the relative humidity of the air is low. In western Europe, Southeast Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, for instance, the climate is still maritime. This means the ocean influences the climate strongly. Air coming from the ocean leads to high relative humidity. Furthermore, in a maritime climate, it is much more likely to be windy all day than it is in a continental climate. In Interior Alaska, the mean wind speed is about 2.5 m/s (~5.5 mph) in September. On the contrary, in Cologne (Germany), for instance, the mean wind is about 4.5 m/s (~10 mph) in the months that typically have temperatures in the 40s range. Thus, in western Europe, the wind chill and humidity would forbid this work outfit on days with temperatures in the mid 40s unless one is eager to catch a cold.

fashion over 40 woman in Casual Friday  work look
Side view of Casual Friday look: Oliveo linen blazer, Great Northwest denim shirt, Oliveo jeans, statement belt, Ralph Lauren pumps, and 3.1 Philip Lim bag (all own)

Does your office have a Casual Friday culture? What do you wear on dry, cool days with calm winds? Do you like this work outfit inspiration?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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