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Newport News pink leather biker jacket, Oliveo zipper ankle detail pants, Ivanka Trump cap toe pumps, Coach striped shoulder tote, Taylor's Gold n'Stone ice cube earrings (all own) and top c/o Soft Surroundings
  1. A new car after 17.5 years
  2. All that was wrong, was a little piece of plastic
  3. The criteria for the new car
  4. He got it right
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A new car after 17.5 years

After having our 2001 Ford Escape for now more than 17 years, we bought a new car. The old one lately had some issues. I wrote about how I “parked” non-voluntarily in front of the traffic lights a summer ago on date night. Today I laugh about pushing the car in high heels. But back then, well read it…

All that was wrong, was a little piece of plastic

Upon coming to Alaska we mastered the challenge to buy a new car without having any credit reports and bought this Ford Escape. In the first winter, a little piece of plastic had broken due to the -40 below temperatures. As a consequence, the car only drove backwards, no matter which gear you put in.


fashion blogger styling a pink leather jacket in fall in front of a red new car
Newport News pink leather biker jacket, Oliveo pants with zipper detail, statement belt, Invanka Trump pumps, Coach shoulder bag, barrette,Taylor’s Gold’n Stone ice cube earrings (all own) and top c/o Soft Surroundings


Well more than 16 years after that repair, the little piece of plastic broke again when my hubby wanted to pick me up from the airport after I had been in New Orleans this summer. The car again just drove backwards. We had to rent a car during tourist season for more than two weeks. There was a holiday weekend and it took for ever to ship this little piece of plastic to Alaska. The entire issue set our credit card back $2500. Thus, my hubby decided that we need a new car.

The criteria for the new car

Gerhard wanted to know what I want in a car. Well, here are my answers:

  1. The car can have any color as long as it is red.
  2. It must have a manual shift. I mean were is the fun in driving without a stick.
  3. It must be a four-wheel drive so I won’t get stuck easily in the snow.
  4. I don’t want to get on my knee to climb in a car. It just would make the clothes dirty when it is wet or the clothes would gather snow when there is fresh snow in the parking lot.
  5. No hybride.
  6. Simple design.
  7. No automatic window lifter.
  8. Only two doors.
  9. Seats that rather feel like a chair than a sofa.
  10. Short, so it fits in the garage.
  11. A possibility to wrap the electrical cord around something so that I wouldn’t have to detach the cord from the car and plug-in.
  12. The aerodynamic of a shoe box.
  13. No radiator grill that looks like a fish opening its mouth or like corrective teeth braces.
  14. Round and square lights are fine, but nothing that has a more complicated design.
  15. It should be a real macho like an Argentine Tango dancer.

Would you know what car to buy?

He got it right

In July, my hubby brought me to work to look what’s on the market. When he picked me up after work, he said that we have an appointment on Friday afternoon to make a pay down for the transport of the new car. It would be shipped from Seattle to Anchorage and then come on a car transporter to Gene’s. Well, after about six weeks of waiting time, it finally arrived. It’s so fun to drive. And, yes … it’s a real macho. A Wrangler from Chrysler.

#over50style Nicole with Jeep, trousers, coat and heels
Oliveo trousers with ankle zipper detail, Ivanka Trump cap-toe pumps, Newport News coat (all own) and draped shirt c/o Soft Surroundings


Nevertheless, we will keep the old car. It has done a great job over all those years. And we learned the hard way this summer that not having a backup is more expensive than paying the insurance for a second car.

over 50 years old fashion blogger Nicole in summer to fall transition casual outfit closing the door of a Jeep Wrangler in pants, and motorcycle jacket
Newport News fitted motorcycle jacket, Oliveo custom-made off-white pants, and Ivanka Trump heels (all own)


What do you think?

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