Daylight saving time for 84 days of daylight

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You know you live in Alaska when you never say to your kid “come home when it gets dark.” Tweet this. In Fairbanks, you wouldn’t see your kid for up to 84 days!

Daylight saving time is to allow for extended daylight in the evening. An hour more of daylight on a nice summer evening is great for shopping, a walk on the beach, stroll downtown in a street mall, sitting outside in a bistro, restaurant or the park. Daylight-saving time improves the quality of life for people and helps the economy. It makes sense in regions with day and night, but not in Alaska.

sunrise and sun set in Fairbanks Alaska | High Latitude Style |
Annual course of sun rise and sun set in Fairbanks, Alaska. Twillight is about two hours.

The above plot shows the annual cycle of sunrise and sunset in Fairbanks plus the legal twilight. You can imagine that in Alaska, daylight-saving time fails to improve quality of the life in summer in the way described above. The nights are white to begin with. In spring, the switch to daylight-saving time annoys every Alaskan, especially moms. Today these poor ladies had to get their kids out of bed an hour earlier than last Monday. In fall, however, daylight-saving time improves the Alaska quality of life on the weekend when we switch back to winter time. On that weekend, Alaskans have one hour of night more to watch the dance of the aurora. 😉

Do you like daylight saving time?

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Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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