I am in love with the culottes trend

Culottes are a hot thing this fall. I love their being partly pants, partly skirt. Yep, they are sort of odd and edgy. I love edgy and odd. I adore culottes, especially, when they are in leather. I always liked them when they had a fashion moment, but for some odd reason I never bought a pair. I can’t really nail it why. The more I think about it, the less I understand it.

The thing that holds me back, I guess, is rational. I can come up with much more reasons why not to get a pair of culottes than reasons why to get a pair:

  1. They are a trend one cannot rework when it’s over. 🙁
  2. They are expensive, especially in (burgundy red, brown, or forest green) leather. :/
  3. They are hard to adjust to the right fit and length, i.e. the search will take a lot of time (and by then the trend may be already over 🙁  ).
  4. They are hard to style as they are the fashion statement (read risky here).

The only argument in favor of them is that I love them <3.

#fashionover50 woman in Victoria Victoria Beckham dress
Wearing brown and black together to twist a classic outfit. Victoria Victoria Beckham military dress with tan Kieselstein cord belt, H buckle, tan Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Anne Klein tan T-strap pumps. The belt is knotted for some extra edge

Do you have a fashion item that you really would like to own, but never bought? Which one is it? Why did you not buy it? Ok, too expensive I fully understand, but I mean – other than that. Send me an email or a tweet.

#agelesstyle details of the Victoria Victoria Beckham dress
Zoom-in on the upper part of the outfit to show the sleeve details. When one bends the arm the elbow will show. The offset of the H-buckle from the center balances the knot on the other side. Since military is associated with strong order the knot gives some twist to the outfit. Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)

For another way how I wore this beautiful timeless Victoria Victoria Beckham dress  see the post at the link.

Photos: G. Kramm

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