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Covered Perfectly – review of light weight leopard vest

#over40 Perfectly Covered | High Latitude Style |
#over40 Covered Perfectly | High Latitude Style |
Light weight faux fur leopard vest with hood c/o Covered Perfectly with plaid skirt, tights, turtleneck cashmere sweater, and sturdy heel boots for a winter office look

Today I want to introduce you to Covered Perfectly who sent me this luxurious light-weight faux fur vest for review.

This light weight vest provides just enough insulation to be paired with long-sleeve T-shirts, blouses, layering tops or shirts. This cozy vest has a hood and pockets that are large enough to hold a handkerchief, credit card and car keys. I can put my entire hand into the pocket (see photo below). The vest has a lining that ensures that the vest moves nicely even over more sticky fabrics like the cashmere sweater I am wearing underneath. Thus, no build-up of electrostatic charges which is important when you live in a region with cold and dry winters.

#over40 Covered Perfectly |High Latitude Style |
Leopard faux fur vest with hood c/o Covered Perfectly with own leather pencil skirt, red cashmere turtleneck sweater, and booties for an office appropriate winter look

Behind Covered Perfectly stands a great success story of the American Dream. Being 40+ herself, the founder, Pauline Durban knows well the challenges of women passed their 40s to find the clothes we want to buy to create our signature style. She well understands that showing the three Bs (boobs, belly, bum), arms and legs all at the same time is a recipe for fashion victim at any age. She had the vision to create a company that designs cute, and flattering clothing for women over 40. She invested all her savings to build such a company.

The Covered Perfectly collection considers that our style is advanced, and that we fully embrace that less is more. We know that show-casting our best feature is much sexier than showing lots of skin. The tops are long enough to cover a tummy or love-handles. Tops have sleeves long enough to cover the problem zones of arms. The fabrics are thin enough to allow stylish layering without adding bulk.

Moreover, who has ironing as a hobby? Modal fabrics are easy to care for, so we can spend our time on the important things in life. This understanding of the shopping criteria of us 40+ women makes Covered Perfectly a great short-cut to finding separates that make us over 40+ feel attractive, confident, highlight our best feature, and look our best. Some of my friends in the US probably also love to hear that the vest is made in the states.

#over40 Covered Perfectly | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on the faux fur of the vest c/o Covered Perfectly

The fabric is clearly recognizable as faux fur, which is extremely important for all the animal lovers among us. Faux fur on a 40 something that aims at looking real, could be mistaken as such and one might end up can-sprayed. Moreover, it would be much thicker which would add bulk which we don’t want. Furthermore, it would be heavier and drag our shoulders, which would make us look shorter than we are.

The faux fur is extremely soft and is cut short (see photo above). Air is a great insulator, and there is a lot of space for air between the “hairs” of the faux fur. Even better, from a physical point of view, the faux fur has nearly the optimal depths to provide the best insulation one can reach with air in clothing.

#over40 faux fur vest with hood | High Latitude Style |
Faux fur light weight leopard vest with hood c/o Covered Perfectly under own leather coat

This faux fur vest can be styled in many ways as the photos show. I wore the vest with a cashmere sweater underneath to the office once with a plaid skirt, once with a leather pencil skirt. It is very important to wear the hood outside your coat for us 40+ ladies. You don’t want to look like the Hunckback of Notre Dame. The photos above and below show how stylish it looks when you wear the hood outside.

#over40 Covered Perfectly | High Latitude Style |
Front view of vest with hood c/o Covered Perfectly under own leather coat
#over40 leopard light weight faux fur vest c/o Covered Perfectly under coat | High Latitude Style |
Hood of leopard light weight faux fur vest c/o Covered Perfectly under coat to don a sleek elegant silhouette

When you look at their Product Review page, you see that I am not alone liking that someone finally put some thoughts into what we over 40 gals want to buy.

Get the support, motivation, and tips to look to your best in life. Get a subscription to High Latitude Style. Deep inside you know when I can do it you can do it too.

Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

Disclosure: The light weight faux fur leopard is a sample from Covered Perfectly. The post is not endorsed by Covered Perfectly. It represents my own honest opinion.

Copyright 2013-2016 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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