Picking the right colors to look healthy, young, and hip

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GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater with Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, opaque tights, riding boots, and statement necklace (all own)

… and gray is so fascinating. While gray alone may look like the scenery somewhere in the coal mining and steal production of the Rhein-Ruhr area on a rainy day it is also a great canvas for nearly endless colors, and combined with with white and black it can become elegance pure.

This year’s color is marsala, nice name for what used to be called dusty burgundy. Combine marsala with gray as a modern version of the old classics of gray and red (here, here), gray and blush, fuchsia or pink (here). Admittedly, this color combination of marsala and gray screams a little bit winter, but – that’s what we have right now, right?

Another of this year’s fashion colors is lucite green. Again this color goes great with the dark gray of my tweed winter skirt as you can see in the photo above. In spring/summer, this sweater will look great with a light gray – called ice gray, which is also one of 2015’s spring colors.

Actually, I really like the 2015 spring colors except for tangerine and custard. I will skip on them. Their warm undertone does not go well with the undertone of my skin. These two colors would wash me out and would let me look like I am sick. Did it ever occur to you that some colors are called “old people colors” because they wash out everybody? To look great, healthy, young and hip, pick those colors of the season that suit you. There is no point in wearing a color just because it is the color of the year!

Below is a photo of the outerwear that I wore over my “spring color” inspired office outfit shown in the first photo of this post. I paired my gray shearling coat with a silk scarf, riding boots and a beret and added little letters (LV) of color with the bag to pick up the colors of the scarf. Doesn’t the sky look like being painted from this year’s spring colors? 😉

Which spring colors will you adopt/pass on?

#over40 winter outerwear  | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Shearling coat with silk scarf, beret, tights, riding boots, and LV multi color bag (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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