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College Ts and consigning

#floralblazer #JBrandskinnies #studdedpumps #collegeT
#floralblazer #JBrandskinnies #studdedpumps #collegeT | High Latitude Style |
Floral blazer with college T-shirt, J Brand skinnies, and studded slingbacls (all own)
#over40 casual  | High Latitude Style |
As above, but from a diffferent angle

Do you remember when I talked about the annual students’ competition regarding the design of the departmental T-shirt of the year (here for my new readers and those who missed the post). Here I am wearing one of these departmental T-shirts. It shows mirages. Mirages are often visible in spring and fall over the Alaska Range. They form when the surface heats strongly and so does the air in a thin layer above the surface. This process leads to a density inversion with a layer of lower density being underneath an air layer with higher density (the colder air). Of course such conditions are highly unstable and do not stay long. However, under these conditions the sun rays get deflected at the layers of different density. Consequently, one sees the objects, in this case the mountains, mirrored upside down.

I am usually not a big fan of T-shirts and college T-shirts. However, I always buy the departmental T-shirt to help lowering the price of the T-shirts as they become more affordable for the students when more T-shirts are ordered. I typically just put them in the “memorable drawer.” However, this morning I realized that the colors of this T-shirt’s mirage over the Alaska Range have the same colors as some of the flowers in my floral blazer. Yeah! I had my OOTD! I just paired them with my studded red pumps and new J Brand skinnies.

These skinnies are my most recent score in a local consignment store. They were brand new, never worn and still had the tags on! Such things often happen in Fairbanks. Someone is out of state and buys something for someone else and it does not fit. Then to cut their losses people sell them in a local consignment store.

Tomorrow I will post the next one of the Keep One for the Next OOTD series. Make your guess which of today’s pieces I will “recycle” for tomorrow’s OOTD, i.e. today’s post is the first of this week’s Keep One for the Next OOTD #2.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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