Cold shoulder to the cold shoulder trend
My husband and me dancing in a tuxedo and off shoulder ballroom gown, respectively

Not every trend is a bandwagon to jump on

You probably noticed, I didn’t jump the bandwagon on the cold shoulder trend. When I was a teenager, I owned a cold shoulder top in white with eyelet ruffles. I used to wear it with a maxi A-line skirt in blue with flowers printed on it. It were the 70s, babe. Today I just feel like running away when I think about that look. Full disclosure, I already felt like that about that outfit in my early 20s.

fashion over 40 woman wearing a dress over a skirt showing no cold shoulder
Oliveo striped leather skirt, Valentino rock studs, Rebecca Taylor floral print bomber jacket, statement necklace, bracelet and earrings (all own) and chiffon dress c/o Just Fashion Now

It’s no secret that I am not into the off the shoulder or cold shoulder look. I love the look on other women, on the flamenco dancers, and with gowns. But not on me. The only cold shoulder dress I own today is a ballroom dress.

mature fashion woman in floral bomber
Rebecca Taylor floral bomber, Oliveo leather skirt, Valentino pumps, Statement necklace and studs (all own) and shift dress c/o Just Fashion Now

Why I don’t like the off-the-shoulder look

Why? That said off shoulder top I owned as a teenager was just annoying. It wouldn’t stay off the shoulders and I had to put it back in place again and again. Whenever I lifted my arms it would ride up. At work, I have to lift my arms above my head a lot when I reach for a book on the shelf, or write on the board. It would just look plain ridiculous when I would have to fix my outfit the entire time. I am not sure whether a cold shoulder look would even fit the dress code. Probably nobody would care as nobody cares when someone shows up in shorts, a tank and flip flops. Oh, did I mention PJs? It’s Alaska. 🙁 Anyhow, a cold shoulder top is just not me when it comes to everyday life. Period.

Valentino Rockstuds
Zoom-in on the Valentino Rockstuds (own)

When does the off-the-shoulder look look stunning?

So why does the off shoulder look work on my ballroom dress? The top is a corsage. It is so tight that I can’t bend. It holds the upper body in position and there is no way for it to ride up (or down). Actually, the top stands on its own.

Do you like the off shoulder look? Do you wear it? Or do you find the look nice, but it is too high maintenance for you?

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