What I learned co-hosting Funday Monday

Here I would like to thank all those ladies who linked up to Funday Monday when I was a co-host, to all my readers who browsed through the link-up, and to Molly from Still Being [Molly] for letting me be a co-host of her weekly link-up. Being a co-host was a great experience.

High Latitude Style blogger in a blazer and pants faux suit office look
GNW cardigan worn as top under faux suede blazer with leather shorts over tights with brown booties and YSL bag (all own)

Style and fashion link-ups are great fun. Ever since I came across the first outfit link-up, I really love them. Thus, it came as a natural, when I saw Molly’s invitation to co-host a Funday Monday, to accept the offer, and drop her an email. She responded fast, explained the details. and we set a time that suited us both well. At least, I thought that the time was a good one for me. Well, Murphy’s law also applies to blogosphere, and my big project deadline got postponed to exactly that weekend on which I was co-hosting Funday Monday.

Well, I was not particularly nervous about the setup of the link as Molly is an experienced host, and I am programming html since it came up. (Wo)man was I wrong about that this is a piece of cake! I confirmed with her three days before that we are up to it. She sent the email with the code on Saturday. I entered the code, and it did look perfect except that the link button did not come up. Ok, I thought “it is probably because the link is not live yet”. But better check than be sorry. Thus, I dropped an email to Molly asking whether my assumption is right. Next morning I learned it was wrong. I had searched the web and found that wordpress does not allow linkups. Thus, I dropped another email, and got a little nervous as that search also said one cannot fix the problem, but has to host the linkups on another server, i.e. the linkup provider’s server. This meant Molly had to get new code from the link-up provider. Well, that sounded like a hell of a stand to pull off in just a couple of hours left on a Sunday! Recall Molly is in the Eastern Time zone I am four hours behind EST. To make a long story short, she pulled it off, sent me the coding I needed to have guest post their links on the link-up provider’s server. Funday Monday went on cyberspace in time with all co-hosts.

Despite this unexpected last minute loop to jump through, being a co-host was a great experience. Typically you link up, check that it worked, follow the host and co-host(s), and browse through the thumbnails of the link-ups that are already there. You hop from one great blog to the other, browsing on the blogs that have linked up prior to you.  As a co-host, you are looking at everyone who linked up. You are so curious who came and what they brought with them. It is like having a great potluck just announced on social media. As you see it took me a while to go through all of them. (Wo)man, there is a lot of creativity out there. A lot of potential!

When you ask me whether I would do it again, the answer is yes. Now that I know I have to tell the host that I am “high maintenance” as I love to blog on wordpress. When you ask me why I would co-host a link-up again? I love link-ups, and browsing link-ups. Thus, it is just a fair thing to do to offer to be a co-host once in a while. One benefits from these links fun-wise. It is all about sharing. These fun link-ups would not be possible when people like Molly would not go through the efforts of staying on a regular schedule every week (or whatever the frequency is), take the risk of having to pay the costs all by themselves, and recruit co-hosts to 1) offer the chance of being a little more visible than just by linking up, 2) give other bloggers the experience, 3) help these bloggers to reach the next level of blogging, and 4) make link-ups affordable. I  want to send out a great thank you to all who host link-ups, to all of you who regularly link up to share your style, and to all my lovely readers for being interested in my thoughts on link-ups and reading this post.

Photos: G. Kramm

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