Clothing conveys a message

In the hard sciences (meteorology, physics, geophysics, space physics, astrophysics, etc.), scientists often dress casual at work. Thus, when someone has to attend a meeting you really see a difference in what people wear. Many meetings are on Fridays. On “Casual Friday”, you can see another example of Alaska extremes. Then there are huge differences between co-workers’ outfits being dressed for “Casual Friday” and being dressed up for a meeting.

#over40 Leather sheath for the office | High Latitude Style |
Leather sheath with white denim jacket, LV saddle bag, D&GM sunglasses, and Ivanka Trump cap-toe pumps (all own)

Here I am trying to go some middle ground between dress-up Friday and casual Friday by wearing a gray sheath leather dress and a casual white denim jacket. The dress would be acceptable for attending a meeting when taking off the jacket. The jacket dresses down the seriousness of the sheath. The pink toed pumps and printed bag give the ensemble a playful vibe. Now it is up to you to decide what message this outfit conveys. Casual Friday or typical work outfit?

#over40 Leather work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Other view of the above work outfit

Photos by G. Kramm (2013)

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