Unearthing a closet without a clutch

Can you believe, I have no clutch?

Some of you may have heard about, or even contributed to Adrienne’s (The Rich Life on a Budget) and Jill’s (Everything Just So) How I Wear My X (HIWM). Here the letter X stands for whatever they picked as a month’s theme.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in business casual outfit with chinos and blazer without clutch
Vittoria Verani blazer with Oliveo chinos, Brooks Brothers sweater, Festina watch, statement belt, black pearl necklace, Ralph Lauren pumps, Jager tote

How I wear my clutch

I love to contribute to their joined blog series HIWM that started out when they both wore the same outfit on their blogs on the same day. Except for one time, I submitted to every HIWM ever since Jill invited me to submit my animal print OOTD (photo below) to HIWM and I missed it. The one HIWM I passed on was when X was sneakers. Their series made me aware my closet missed sneakers! I fixed that gap. See my posts on styling a skirt with sneakers, and walking the Karlie Kloss walk in sneakers.

style blogger over 50 showing how to wear animal print
GNW zebra print cardigan worn as top with white Newports News leather pants, Jake’s houndstooth blazer, Ivanka Trump pumps, Paloma Picasso x  belt, and 3.1 Philip Lim tote (all own)

Now they unearthed another missing item in my closet! This month’s theme is clutch, i.e. X=clutch. Can you believe it? I don’t own a clutch!

blogger Nicole wearing a casual office outfit with blazer and chinos
Side view of outfit with Vittoria Verani blazer, black pearl necklace, Oliveo chinos, Brooks Brothers sweater, Ralph Lauren pumps, Jaeger tote, and Festina watch (all own)

Why? Well, I asked me that question as well when I realized that I have none! When I came to Alaska I had three! Two daytime clutches, which back in Europe, served as work bags, the light one in winter, the dark one in summer (because of the contrast to the outfit). The other one was for festive events (family celebrations, shows, dancing, etc.).

In Alaska, I donated the daytime clutches in the first year. They were too small for the extra stuff I had to schlep to work (in winter, pumps, in summer a cardigan). In winter, a clutch also was a recipe for cold fingers.

The evening clutch had the same fate. Nobody wears an evening gown or cocktail dress with clutch for an opera, musical, recital, or symphony in Fairbanks. It is just too cold in winter. The dress-code is sweaters, pants and boots, even bunny boots! Such outfits look ridiculous with an evening clutch.

What about balls and fundraising festive dinners? Even in Europe, I never wore a clutch to such events. For both a shoulder bag is much more suitable. You can hang it over the chair while dancing and on your shoulder at the buffet. My metal bag is perfect for such events. I got it at a bazaar in Morocco when on vacation when I was a graduate student.

Location made a beloved fashion item a no-no for me without even missing it! A “clutch-less” live for more than 14 years!

Is there a fashion item that you used to own in multi-fold and due to a live/location change never wore anymore for years? What is it? Why did you stop wearing it?

midlife woman in work look with blazer and chinos (side view)
Other side view of work look with Vittoria Verani blazer, Oliveo chinos, Brooks Brothers sweater, Ralph Lauren pumps, statement belt, pearl necklace, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Jaeger tote (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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