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Lack of shopping opportunities lead to style clones

Fairbanks only has one department store. Many clothing stores are specialized in outdoor wear or sportswear. There are some nice smaller boutiques addressing different style needs. But no H&M, American Apparel, Nordstrom, Macy’s or whatsoever. Thus, many fashionistas get their “supply” when they are out of state, online or in a consignment store, e.g. Fireweed.

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#styleover40 mature woman in high-low dance outfit
High-low dress with purple floral print and Neo Tango Dalmatian print 4 inch (10 cm) heels and necklace

Shopping clothes in the groceries store

There also is a Fred Meyer. Their business concept is a one-stop shopping, which I really like. However, you cannot go there with the idea to buy a dress, a coat or a floral blazer, tweed skirt. You get the idea. Thus, I browse their racks every time when I do the groceries. Once in a while (or in a blue moon 😉 ) one can score high. However, if you find something you like you better get it right away. A week later it will be gone. And if you really like it, get it in all colors you like and can get. Who knows when you will see something you like the next time?

They had this dark summer dress. Its cut fits well for Argentine Tango, Latin dances and milongas. I bought it in purple, red, and rose. I still regret that I did not buy also the cobalt and hunter green one.

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#over40fashion Argentine Tango dance dress with asymmetric hem
Asymmetric hem dress with floral print, sequins and lce, Neo Tango leopard print 4 inch (10 cm) T-strap dance shoes

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When your friend buys the same dress

Which one is your favorite? I guess I like the red one the most. Of course after I bought them I wore the red one to the next dance. A dance friend of mine saw it and asked where I got it. She also asked whether I would mind if she would buy it too if Fred Meyer still had one. Of course, I did not mind. She has a different size and was lucky to get hers a day later. Thus, whenever I wear the red one to a dance, I have another dress in my bag, just in case, she would be there wearing the same dress.

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