Climate change and adaptation in dressing

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Plaid wool skirt with cashmere cardigan, turtleneck layering top c/o Adea, and white jade and onyx necklace c/o Almo Jewellery
#AlmoJewellery #wokoutfit #HighLatitudeStyle #maturewomen
Zoom-in on the knotted cardigan, necklace c/o Almo Jewellery

Last week when a colleague of mine from Arizona and I visited the Purdue campus in Lafayette, Indiana often heard greetings by the Fairbanks cashiers “I hope it is cold enough for you today” and “I hope it is hot enough for you today” made sense. When walking on campus, we got some funny faces. It struck me how people adapt to their environment.

Indiana was very windy with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s (~15C). Given the wind chill it may have felt like 50F (10C) or so. Coming from temperatures in the 80s (~27C) she felt cold, and wore a tweed wool skirt, wool cardigan with long sleeve T-shirt underneath, opaque black wool tights, very cute booties, and an open black trench-coat style jacket. I was wearing my Anne Klein open-toe pumps, Lookbook Store winter white v-neck dress with my Burberry plaid blazer (see photo below), and no coat. Upon departure, Fairbanks’ temperature was in the single digits, and I had exchanged my winter coat with my burnt red leather concon coat at the airport. However, in Indiana, this coat felt just to warm to wear. 😉

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Burberry plaid blazer with Kieselstein Cord belt, and winter white V-neck dress c/o Lookbook Store


Back in Fairbanks, it is cold enough again to layer. I am wearing a turtleneck layering top c/o Adea under a cashmere cardigan. I knotted the long “wings” to up the style. The plaid skirt is one of my wardrobe essentials. The layering allows wearing still a wool peacoat with quilted lining on the commute to work. But it is foreseeable that soon I will have to switch to heavier coats, or in other words, it will be cold enough to wear them. LOL. 😉 When wearing a longer skirt than coat make sure that at least an inch and a half to two inches (3-5cm) of the skirt show.

Further posts illustrating other ways to style this trend will go up tomorrow and on Thursday. Tomorrow also starts a new Wednesday mini series Dress 4 Success. Get a subscription to my blog here to not miss it.

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Red peacoat with winter white beret, brown bag, tights and booties for a Parisienne winter look

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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