Chinook permits bare legs in winter

Nicole of High Latitude Style donning bare legs on a Chinook winter day with an all neutral outfit with ankle boots andboot topper socks

Why I wore this all neutral colors monochromatic look

We had Chinook again. This means the air mass has to rise from south over the Alaska Range. This process causes the air to reach saturation. Clouds and precipitation form. A good load of the water goes down as snow on the southern slope. As the air makes it over the Alaska Range, it has become drier. Now it descends and becomes warmer than it was at same altitude on the other side as it got rid of a huge amount of water before crossing the barrier. Thus, we had a nice warm day. And as I wrote about before Chinook permits summer clothes in fall and bare legs in winter.

Mature fashion blogger showing how to wear boot toppers with ankle boots
Chanel inspired look of Eddie Bauer tweed skirt with Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, Hermes collier de chain bangle, pearls (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

Why I added boot toppersocks

Since the ground does not warm fast, the ground was cold. Thus, my boot toppers came in handy as they are actually socks and provide some insulation from the cold ground besides being totally stylish. In case you want a pair too, I am happy to say that Top of the Boot has a promo for free shipping until February 28, 2014: TOTB2. Read the review and why I think that top of the boots is like icing on cakes.

Over 40 year old wearing a classic look with boot toppers
Office appropriate classic look in all neutrals with a  white-gray-black color palette and snake print bag for interest.

Accessories add interest to a monochromatic look

I decided to pair my gray tweed skirt and gray turtleneck cashmere sweater with some pearl necklaces for some classic simple style. This classic outfit makes the ankle booties with the boot toppers the fun part and statement of the outfit.

over 50 years old fashionista in street style chic wearing boot topper socks with a leather sweater, and tweed skirt
Burgundy leather sweater with pearls, turtleneck sweater, tweed skirt, booties, snake print bag (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

To run errands I topped this classic outfit with my burgundy leather sweater. The leather top with zippers turns the classic look into street style territory.

Outerwear is an outfit too. Thus, style it. #agelesstyle #winterstyle Click To Tweet

How I wore these clothes before

You have seen this tweed skirt with a chartreuse sweater and the gray turtleneck cashmere sweater with a leather skirt and coin necklace before.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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