Chinese and Alaskan traditions unite people from all over the world

Chinese dance costumes | High Latitude Style |
Chinese veil dance in traditional costumes on the 2015 Chinese New Year celebration in Fairbanks, AK

Chinese traditional dance clothes  | High Latitude Style |
Van dance in Chinese traditional costumes

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Chinese Student Association and their adviser Rosalind Khan organize a Chinese New Year party every year and invite the Fairbanks community. They are supported by many Chinese business owners in the Fairbanks metropolitan area (sounds big, but it is just Fairbanks population 32324, North Pole 2214 and Fox 417) . They donate door prices and one Chinese restaurant donates the food.

On the program are Chinese martial arts performances, traditional dances performed by students taking Chinese as a foreign language joined by other women enjoying to dance (first two photos in this post), Chinese songs and music, little sketches presented in either Chinese or English, a fashion show presenting Chinese traditional clothing (next four photos), educational pieces about the Chinese culture, a traditional Chinese New Year’s dinner, and gifts for little kids who present their New Year’s wishes to the audience. The tickets for the event were $16. They used to be $15 since 2002.

Chinese traditional outfits for girls  | High Latitude Style |
These two young women present outfits that were traditionally worn by little girls. The left outfit is from cotton, the right one is from silk with embroidery on the front and at the bottom of the legs

Various Chinese traditional clothes  | High Latitude Style |
Various Chinese outfits presented in the fashion show of the 2015 Chinese New Year’s celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska

Chinese wedding dress  | High Latitude Style |
Silk brocade Chinese red traditional wedding dress

#over40model Modeling a Chinese dress  | High Latitude Style |
Royal blue Chinese traditional dress with turquois Salvatore Ferragamo pumps (all own) modeled by me in the fashion show

#over40model Chinese dress  | High Latitude Style |
Front view of Chinese dress with Salvatore Ferragamo pumps (all own)

The audience is culturally quite diverse. There were many immigrants from all over the world. Of course, people born in China or Taiwan, but also people born in Russia, the Philippines, Australia, India, Kenia, Cuba, and Germany, just to mention a few. There were many people who were former Peace Corps Volunteers, university officials, and long-term Fairbanksans including those born in Fairbanks. Cultural diversity and interest in, respect for and curiosity about each other’s traditions and culture is a big thing for many Alaskans.

Audience  of Chinese New Year's celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska | High Latitude Style |
View into the audience after the delicious traditional Chinese New Year’s dinner to illustrate the diverse audience

The photos in this posts are snap shots from the event illustrating the diversity and capturing some high lights of the show. You can find other posts on Fairbanks’ cultural diversity here and here.

little red dress  | High Latitude Style |
Talk master announcing the next performance after the fashion show. She wanted to sell her cute red dress to get one of the traditional dresses. I like her look of flat booties with black tights and this short dress. If the dress were mine I would wear it with skinnies or black leather pants

Happy New Year and welcome to the year of the goat.

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Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders (2015)

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