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Zoom-in on the fabric of the wrap c/o Chilly Jilly

This post reviews a Chilly Jilly wrap. Read what I think about them.

  1. Chilly Jilly Is a Must-have in Moody Climate and Spring
  2. What I Love about the Scarf
  3. The Wrap Is Easy to Carry Along
  4. Chilly Jilly is perfect for air travel
  5. How the Fabric Provides the Insulation
  6. How the Chilly Jilly Wrap Saved my Evening
  7. Chilly Jilly Review in a Nutshell

Disclosure: Ad. The wrap is a sample of my choice from Note: Terms indicated with * are explained in the High Latitude Style Glossary (Link in sidebar).


Chilly Jilly Is a Must-have in Moody Climate and Spring

Do you live in a climate region with a wide range between the daily minimum temperature and maximum temperature or hot outside and chilly air inside due to lack of maintaining the air condition? Then you may be interested in the Chilly Jilly summer essentials. The idea is to have a wrap, wrapper blanket, jacket, lounge pants or gloves in a silk bag small enough to carry around in your purse (see second photo below) to have it handy when needed to stay comfortable.

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What I Love About the Scarf

In a neutral color, the blanket works with everything. It can even be styled like a regular scarf and up your look. More on accessorizing with scarves in the guide at the link. Furthermore, it stays in place!

No sliding whatsoever!


stylist using a Chilly Jilly wrap as a slip proof scarf in work outfit
Vittorio Blazer with striped Oliveo leather skirt, GNW tights, Nicole sandals, and structured bag accessorized with wrap c/o Chilly Jilly worn as scarf



The Wrap Is Easy to Carry Along

The little bag (see photo below) measures 5 inch x 7 inch x 2 inch (10 cm x 17.8 cm x 5 cm). The Chilly Jilly comes in 13 different colors. The wrap is large enough (74 inch wide x 23 inch long measured at the center of the back, ~187 cm x 58 cm) to cover the entire upper body, and stays in place (see photos below).

blanket scarf in silk bag and gift box
Polka dot gift box with little silk bag that holds the wrap c/o Chilly Jilly. See the ruler with inch and cm units on the side for assessment of the size. The little bag and wrap came in the gift box. Just a perfect Mother’s day gift


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wrap stay in place without pinning
Demonstration that the wrap c/o Chilly Jilly remains in place without pinning. Styled with own Nicole sandals, GNW tight, Oliveo leather skirt, Landsend cashmere sweater, Hermes collier de chien cuff, and statement bracelet



Chilly Jilly Is Perfect for Air Travel

The wrap-in-a-bag concept is very practical. Besides for staying warm in chilly airplanes or the last inning of a late afternoon baseball game, and for comforting the kids, the Chilly Jilly wrap is also great on a romantic evening watching the sunset and the green flash, or for accessorizing an outfit.


wrap c/o demonstration of the size of Chilly Jilly
Wrap c/o Chilly Jilly. The wrap is rounded towards the ends. Own Nicole sandals, GNW tight, and Oliveo leather skirt.



How the Fabric Provides the Insulation*

Despite the Chilly Jilly wrap folds small, the double-brushed Venezia fabric did not show any wrinkles when I pulled it out of its bag. This means the wrap will not ruin your style with wrinkles.  The wrap is large enough that you can wear it as a stole (see photo that demonstrates the size of the wrap).


How the Chilly Jilly Saved my Evening

The day I wore this wrap as a scarf, I was pretty happy that I had it with me. Temperatures went from in the 50s (10oC) in the afternoon down to the lower 20s (-6.7oC) in the evening. Wrapping the Chilly Jilly wrap around my shoulders over the blazer did the trick to keep me warm on my way home. It saved my evening. The wrap is only $39, i.e. very affordable. I would not want to feel chilly just to save $39. Do you?


detail view of wrap c/o Chilly Jilly
Zoom-in on the fabric of the wrap c/o Chilly Jilly


Double-brushing permits creation of a thin air-layer in the brushed material. Since air is a weak conductor for heat, this air layer serves as an extra insulation from the chilly environment. By using this physical concept, the fabric can be thin, light and soft, fold small, but still keep you warm.


warp c/o Chilly Jilly worn as scarf
Landsend cashmere sweater with striped leather skirt, GNW tight, Oliveo striped leather skirt, Hermes collier de chien, and Nicole sandals accessorized with wrap c/o Chilly Jilly



Chilly Jilly Review in a Nutshell

The wrap is affordable, chic and works great to keep you comfortable when it is a bit chilly. Browse for your Chilly Jilly wrap to stay warm now.


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Photos: G. Kramm

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