Mature fashion doesn’t know a size 4

… “A size 4? This item only comes in women sizes. You better look in the youth department”. I have heard this a hundred times, thirty percent of the time with that look “I wished I could shop there.” So far, I have suppressed to ask whether I am not a women when I wear a size 4.
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over 50 years old fashion blogger Nicole looking youthful in a winterized summer pieces work outfit
Winterizing a summer jersey dress c/o Ronen Chen with own waterfall cardigan, GNW tights, Harley Davidson booties accessorized with ethnic belt and DIY brooch
details of ethnic belt with Ronen Chen dress
Zoom-in to show details of the ethnic belt and the DIY brooch that I made in college in a recreational class

A size 4 is not only for 20 somethings

Who hasn’t faced to really love a piece of clothes, but they don’t have it in your size? That’s ok. I can deal with it as the next gal. It happens. But it is not ok to think that every size 4 women is a high school gal or at least a twenty something prior to gaining weight due to being on birth control.

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In Fairbanks, a size 6 is the smallest you can get

In Fairbanks, I can’t find a size 4 top, blazer, dress or coat in a quality of a basic item (read to be worn over and over again). Not to mention a size 2 skirt, pair of pants or adult jeans! I may have some luck once in a while in a consignment store. Thanks to the military!

When you are a size 4 you have to shop online or when you are out of town

Finding it difficult to find flattering clothes I would like to wear, I started asking women who look like a size 4 and wear good quality clothes, where they got the items. Guess what? Online or out of town, and everyone of them complained of having been sent to the youth department in town.

Most youth departments are fast fashion

Most young women have not much money. Therefore, the fashion industry produces clothes for the youth department that these young women can afford. Doing so is the right thing to do. Since the fashion industry is interested in profit, they use cheap fabrics and often less experienced seamstresses or pay them by items produced, i.e. not much attention is given too details. If the price-performance ratio is good that’s fine too.

While even the twenty somethings still look great in these clothes, I’ve been there, the over 40s don’t. There is no reason to enhance the hard earned laughing wrinkles with wrinkled darts. While pinning a pin on top of a wrinkled dart in an awkward place looks cute and cool on anyone under 30, the hiding is obvious when done by an over 40. Even in a size 4, a mature women’s body just can’t handle ill fitting clothes anymore.

#over40style High Latitude Style blogger wearing streetstyle winter outerwear with chevron scarf
Chevron pattern cashmere scarf, Burberry loden motorcycle coat, Jaeger tote, Harley Davidson booties, black LeatherCoatsEtc leather gloves and beret (all own) for a classic with an edge outerwear

The meat show is not so me

Not to mention that most of the times the skirts would be too short to be comfortable, and to not be worrisome. We want to pick up our keys when they fall down in the parking lot without having to think what happens with our skirt. We never thought that a “y” showing over the top of our jeans is cool. That was the It jeans style at the end of the 90s. But we rooted our style in the (late) 80s or even earlier. And yes, we have grown out wearing all trends of the season in one piece. We wear two at a time when we are brave enough on weekends.

Youth clothing may look like trying too hard when worn head to toe

Wearing youth clothes would just look like trying too hard, not trying at all or as having rioted our daughter’s closet, which of course I don’t and wouldn’t even if I could! So why do you send me to the youth department? Over 40 women come in all sizes and shapes, and we want mature clothes that flatter us. Why does the fashion industry adjust to the youth market, but not to us over 40? We over 40 love fashion as much as the next girl. Tweet this when you agree.

Do you have trouble finding clothes in your size? Have you been sent to the youth department by a salesperson? How do you react when a salesperson handles your request like this? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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