See this great camouflage with tartan look
Burberry plaid blazer with London Jean camouflage cargo pants, Clark booties, statement belt and buckle, Ray Ban sunglasses, Ann Taylor sweater, smoky quartz necklace, and layering top (all own)

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What I wore at the office

This outfit is very eclectic, but I liked the combination of the camouflage cargo pants and my tartan blazer when I was putting my camouflage pants back into my closet, and pulled the tartan blazer out the other day. Thus, I wore the combination with a red V-neck cashmere sweater and brown long-sleeved T-shirt the next day. The tartan pattern picks up the green and browns of the camouflage pants, and the red of the sweater. The brown of the belt picks up other brown shades of the tartan pattern.  The camo and plaid outfit is extreme – like living in the subarctic ;).

fashion blogger over 40 in street style camouflage and red outfit with tartan blazer
London Jean camouflage cargo pants with Burberry plaid blazer, layering top (similar here), v-neck Ann Taylor cashmere sweater, smoky quartz belt buckle, smoky quartz statement necklace, DKNY socks, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Clark booties (all own)

Styling a Burberry Coat

The outerwear is an outfit as well. This means you have to style your outerwear. It is my chocolate brown short shearling coat and my green beret plus a statement bag. The green leather cashmere silk lined gloves pick up the green of the tartan and beret. My style tip:

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#fashionover50 Winter layering outfit with green beret for mature woman and camouflage pants
Shearling coat over blazer, sweater and layering top with London camouflage cargo pants, booties, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, YSL bag, statement necklace and LeatherCoatsEtc  green beret

Have you tried to wear camouflage and tartan together? Do you like the look? I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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