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Bootlegreen lace top c/o Cami Confidential under own burgundy Calvin Klein sheath, accessoirized with jade bangle, earrings, ring, Judith Leiber charm belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico's and designer clutch c/o Bellorita

This post reviews various layering tops from Cami Confidential with respect to comfort, size, price-performance ratio, styling options and shipping.

  1. Bingo Wings Are Not Your Fault
  2. Up the Style of Dresses and Gowns You Already Own
  3. My Dresses Look Like They Have Sleeves
  4. What I Like About These Sleeves
  5. Shipping
  6. Who will love these camis?
  7. How I Wore the Pieces So Far
  8. In Summary

Disclosure: Ad. The four featured tops are samples from Cami Confidential UK. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Bingo Wings Are Not Your Fault

Despite I am slim and do a lot of ballroom dancing, I start to get what’s called bingo wings. It seems like I got them overnight. Because of them, I more and more stay away from sleeveless evening or other (dance) dresses. Like many women my motto is “cover them up.” Thus, when Cami Confidential approached me to review their tops I immediately decided to test their products out. They offer a great collection that are made from lace. Since I am not alone with the problem, I saw a chance how to “rescue” our (expensive) gowns we have in our closets. And I wanted to know whether this really works. What I didn’t expect was that the lazy tops are also perfect for dressing up a simple everyday dress for a semi-formal event (see photo above and below)!


style blogger in a semi-formal outfit with Cami Confidential top styled for a recital visit in winter
Bottle Green lace top c/o Cami Confidential styled to visit a recital. Own Calvin Klein dress, Judith Leiber charm belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, pantyhose, Vince Camuto chain detail suede tall boots (all own), best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s and blue fish clutch c/o Bellorita

Up the Style of Dresses and Gowns You Already Own

No matter whether these gowns are bridesmaid dresses from your girl friend’s second marriage or your mother-of-the-bride/groom dress from your kid’s wedding two or three years ago. You can upcycle them with sleeves. You can order them with a deep cleavage in both the back and front which permits wearing them under your robe without showing. Also no seams are giving your little secret away (see zoom-ins). Thus, the resulting look is a beautiful robe with cleavage and sleeves of the length of your choice – short, elbow, 3/4, bracelet or full length. It’s up to you. It’s really inspiring.


over 50 years old blogger donning an outfit with camisole
Zoom-in on the sleeves to show that no seams are visible when wearing the piece. It looks like one dress. To enhance the illusion accessorize with items in the same color when you opt for a different color than the dress like I did in this example outfit


The great color choices make it easy to get a match. When you go for lace, it doesn’t matter when the color isn’t a 100% match. It’s a different fabric, right? However, you can even call them and ask for a fabric swatch. That makes finding the right match easy as 1-2-3.


stylist in a lilac cropped lace top
This is how the lilac sleeve-cami looks alone. This piece can also be used for layering under a blouse or filling a deep V-neck.


The great thing about lace is that it can go from romantic to sexy to edgy. It’s perfect to try for a cute date night outfit. Thus, you may even alter the vibe of the dress with your color choice. Just make sure the accessories pick up the vibe and the color to get the upcycled look balanced.

When I opened the package, the first piece that I unfolded was the bottle green lace with deep cleavage (first photos in this post). My honest reaction was “This is not for casual layering, but for seriously adding sleeves to evening gowns.” In other words, it is made in a way that it keeps your little secret. It permits you to have your arms covered, but nevertheless have deep back or front cleavage or both. Very deep. Therefore, I only dare to present the lilac lace cami without a dress on top as it has a way more “modest” cleavage.


over 50 years old woman in a cropped top and leather joggers
The cropped top nicely ends under the breasts secured by a covered elastic band. This design avoids bulk and keeps the garment in place.


My Dresses Look Like They Have Sleeves

Take a look at the outfits! Don’t they look like the clothes is one piece? They perfectly solved my bingo wing problem! So they will solve yours too.


style blogger in abstract floral print fit-and-flare with lilac lace undertop and purple pumps
Two views of my Banana Republic dress “sleeved-up” for spring. The lilac color perfectly matches some of the colors of the print. The dress looks like one piece as if it were designed this way. I was even asked whether it is new. Wow!


mature woman in a #CamiConfidential arm-coverage
Zoom-in to show details of the outfit. I am so excited about the great color match


What I Like About These Sleeves

I really like that I now feel great in my beloved evening wear that I hadn’t enjoyed wearing for a while because of the menopausal body changes. Living in Alaska I also love that they add some insulation to stay warm in evening attire. They also offer the classic camisole type for layering under a blazer at the office (see photos below). It is immediate chic.


over 50 years old fashion blogger in leather joggers, blazer and camisole
In this styling inspiration I paired the classic black lace camisole c/o Cami Confidential with my own Anne Klein blazer, Ralph Lauren silver pumps and Vince leather pants for a going out for date night look.


mature woman in cami and blazer
Zoom-in to show the interesting neckline of the camisole c/o Cami Confidential. Like the lilac undertop the bottom is secured with a covered elastic band to keep the piece in place.


Despite this company is in the UK, the tops came within 5-business days. That’s fast, especially when you consider that Alaska is not next door. Often shipping from the Lower 48s takes longer!


Who Will Love These Camis?

This product is a perfect fit for all women who don’t like the look of their arms. Going with a dark color can make them look slimmer, a light, pastel color can make them look less thin. Thus, they are perfect when you strive for a more balanced look and/or you want to camouflage body flaws.

Also all women who are modest dressers and can’t find dresses that look stylish, but have modest cleavage.

midlife woman in LBD with Cami Confidential layering piece, black and white scarf, animal print tight and white boot
I “winterized” my Halogen LBD with the opaque top c/o Cami Confidential. Like with the other items you choose the fabric, color, cleavage, sleeve-length and size. This one has bracelet length to show off my signature bangle. This is a classic layering piece.


These tops are also great for all women who want to switch the look of a gown to winter attire or who just want some extra insulation for a formal dinner party outfit without the hassle of a shawl or evening cape.

And of course, they are great for all ladies who are just arm shy.

How I Wore the Pieces So Far

I had chosen the lilac lace to add sleeves to my abstract floral print summer dress. Now I can wear it already in spring (see photos above)! So excited! I picked the black opaque top to add sleeves to my little black leather dress. Now I can wear it year round. Recall summers are cool in Alaska. Temperatures rarely exceed 80F (26.7oC). I will try it with the bottlegreen item in the future. Sort of an edgy goth-inspired look. Stay tuned to not miss the future stylings. I tried the classic camisole – well – because I loved already the blazer-cami-look back in the late 1980s, early 1990s. I am so happy this combination is a Do again.


mature woman in leather dress with underlayer
Zoom-in on the outfit to show details


These four pieces expanded my wardrobe and styling options and the lacy pieces really rescued and/or upped my formal/going-out wardrobe. I am very happy with and excited about the results. Thus, I have no hesitation to recommend these beautiful, high quality clothes to every woman who once thought

If only this dress had sleeves. #camiconfidential #agelessstyle Click To Tweet.

You can buy them at Cami Confidential.


older woman in fit-and-flare attire with leather skirt and white booties
Back view of outfit to show the “seamless” look

In Summary

The camisoles are serious wardrobe Must-haves that provide sleeves to formal attire without the costs of a tailor and without destroying your front or back cleavage. The large choice of colors, fabrics, styles and sleeve-lengths makes it easy to find the perfect match for your favorite attire without compromising the style. Browse their collection now.

Give your evening attire sleeves with Cami Confidential without the costs of a tailor and compromise to your cleavage. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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