mature woman with mixed print and pattern
Jones New York polka dot button-up shirt with Oliveo striped leather skirt, floral print scarf and L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps (all own). Me standing in front of the entrance to the ice bridge

The smell of scrambled eggs, beans, toast and aged coffee has conquered the entire living room and kitchen. The garage door closes with a quirky noise and the old diesel truck sounds like it going on its last cylinder when it works itself up the steep icy driveway. The clock makes eight Westminster chimes while she feeds the leftover scrambled eggs to his fat cat. She is plugging in the vacuum cleaner when the phone starts ringing. She sighs and answers the phone in an annoyed tune “Yes?”

woman in striped skirt and polka dot shirt
Zoom-in on outfit of Jones New York shirt with Oliveo striped leather skirt, and floral print scarf tied as bow (all own)

“It’s me” she hears her husband saying. “I am standing here at Pike’s restaurant wrapped in a bathing towel. I took the short-cut over the ice bridge and the truck went thru the ice. Can …” Her face becomes more and more annoyed with every word he says. She interrupts him “Your annual April first’s I’ve broken thru the ice story gets boring. Have a nice day sweetie.” She hangs up, and goes back to her vacuum cleaning.

The cat jumps onto the kitchen counter to lick some water from the outlet. Her eyes go up following the cat’s movement, and her face turns white and expresses sheer horror. She runs to phone, keys in the restaurant’s number. Busy sign. “Oh, no!” she screams. She hangs up, tries again. Sweat pearls build on her forehead. She looks terrified. Still hammering on the phone’s keys, she hears a car rolling into the driveway.

The door bell rings. “Not now. I have no time.” she thinks, but nevertheless hangs the phone. She feels her heart beam in her throat when hasting to the door and nearly pulls the door out of the frame. Meanwhile she is in tears. She wraps the arms around the guy with a water dripping plastic bag, who is wrapped in a bathing towel.

He laughs “I guess I threw too many jokes at you in the last 40+ years, sweetie. How did you find out that this time it wasn’t a joke?” The state tropper’s car hauls up the driveway. She whispers under tears of relieve “The cat told me. His ears pointed to the calendar.”

spring outerwear outfit in front of the ice bridge entrance
Boxy leather coat worn over the above outfit with a Chanel bag (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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