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Zoom-in on the Etienne Aigner wedge sandals and the Jaeger tote bag

This post is about a pair of sandals I scored in a consignment store. I bought them because it was my favorite brand when I was a kid.

  1. I Liked this Brand when I Was a Kid
  2. These Etienne Aigner Wedge Sandals Are a Great Consignment Find
  3. How I Styled the Favorite Brand of My Childhood
  4. Styling Consignment Scores


I Liked this Brand when I Was a Kid

Today I will show you two of my consignment scores that I wrote about yesterday: The Etienne Aigner wedge sandals and the new bag. When I was in elementary school, I once saw an ad of a great Etienne Aigner bag. I showed it to my mom and said that I wished she would have such a cool bag with this cool A on it. My mom said she does not like the bag. As a kid I did not understand that it probably meant she did not like the price.

I had totally forgotten about this brand. Probably because when I was earning enough to afford such a bag, I had moved to East Germany. There Modavo watches, Festina watches, and a cell phone were the It items among career women, not to mention a 190 Mercedes. Well, I have got the Festina and took the tram or train 😉 . However, I still think the 190 Mercedes in black of the 1990s is the chicest Mercedes ever built.

summer outfit with carpi
Burgundy short sleeve cashmere sweater with Gucci G belt, LV silk scarf, Jaeger tote, leather carpi, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Etienne Aigner wedge sandals



These Etienne Aigner Wedge Sandals Are a Great Consignment Find

When I saw these sandals at the consignment store and found out they were my size, I had to have them! They were brand-new, never worn, for $38! Based on the imprinted size, I assume they were a gift, bought in Europe. I bet they did not fit. Well, they fit me very well.

The shoe sizing in Europe and the US differ strongly.


How I Styled the Favorite Brand of My Childhood

These sandals look great with the burgundy cashmere V-neck sweater, brown Gucci suede leather belt, and LV silk scarf. Don’t you think so? The scarf picks up the color of the leather capri, sweater, and wedges. The new Jaeger bag is in the same color family as the pants, and its shade is just enough different to make the combination interesting. The buckles pick up the brown of the belt, shoes and scarf.


Styling Consignment Scores

Earlier consignment scores were a hounds tooth sheath dress . Read how to look like a 1000 bucks for just a couple of bucks. Do you like consigning? What was your latest big score?

I like consignment stores. They are a great way to recycle. Furthermore, they allow to get high end fashion even when you are on a budget. There is also the fun factor or thrill of finding a great score. Do you like consigning? Do you have a brand that you loved in childhood? Which brand is it?

Photos: G. Kramm

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