My friends, who have a little condo in Mexico, always tell me how hard it is for rural people to find a job where they live. My friends also always say that those who have a job, barely earn enough to cover their costs of living. Thus, many local artists and crafts(wo)men have a hard time selling their beautiful handmade items as in those rural areas tourists are as rare as jobs.

Introduction of Jennifer Olson and Boutique Mexico

Jennifer Olson, who lives in Mexico, founded Boutique Mexico to help artisans sell their beautiful handmade items and to support them to keep their cultural art skills alive. Being able to sell their crafts provides these artisan women with a job and income to support their family. The fight against poverty means the world to Boutique Mexico.

#styleover40 #fashionwithapromise Mini Stella Tote c/o Boutique Mexico
Mini Stella Tote c/o Boutique Mexico woven from recycled plastic

The purchases from Boutique Mexico also provide funding for La Escuelita de Sonia School, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, and the World Heritage site near Tulum. While the school will help with education, which is one of the most powerful means to fight poverty, supporting the reserve and heritage site will help to protect the environment and culture for current and future generations to enjoy. <3

The mini Stella Tote is easy to style

Today I want to feature one of the many beautifully crafted, handmade items that you can buy at Boutique Mexico, the mini Stella Tote. It is weaved from recycled plastic stripes in a similar way as the garden chairs in the 60s and 70s. The material is very strong so the bag can carry even a full water bottle plus all the usual items that are in your purse. Inside the bag, there is a little leather tag like you know from high-end bags.

#fashionwithapromise view inside of the Mini Stella Tote
View of the inside of the Mini Stella Tote c/o Boutique Mexico

The bag is very versatile. The fun pom poms in bright, bold colors look great with jeans, a white shirt and sandals when browsing the mall on the weekend. The bag is also the perfect addition to a sundress and mules in summer. When on vacation, you can use the bag to style your LBD for going out for dinner at a beach restaurant. For young women, the Stella tote can even serve as an everyday bag!

Other products from Boutique Mexico

Beyond their great bag collection, Boutique Mexico also offers beautiful and stylish women apparel and other unique accessories that are made by those rural artists. Their bracelets with tassels and pom poms add a pop of color to any outfit. The dresses are perfect for the weekend and vacation. The designs are modern, but rooted in and inspired by the artisans’ culture. Perfect to add that little twist that takes an outfit from great to outstanding. Hint: Browse their website when you still need a gift for that hard to shop for woman in your family. 😉

Mini Stella Tote with pom poms c/o Boutique Mexico #fashionwithapromise
Zoom-in on the Mini Stella Tote c/o Boutique Mexico to show details

Price-performance ratio

Despite Boutique Mexico provides livable income to the artisans and supports good causes, their prices are also fair to their customers. It is fashion with a promise. This Stella Tote, for instance, costs $65. From my experience with the chairs of the 60s and 70s, the tote will last for years to come. Dirt will not be a reason to toss it. Like those chairs back then, the mini Stella Tote is easy to clean by wiping dirt off with water. Thus, the cost-per-wear will go below one dollar over the lifetime of the bag, my criterion for giving an item thumbs up! 🙂

Furthermore, I love when companies blend business and support of locals, the environment and culture. What about you?

Photos: N. Mölders

Disclosure: The Stella Tote is a sample from Boutique Mexico. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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