A look inspired by beautiful skies

Alaska’s sky is blush pink in winter

In January and February, Alaska’s skies are blush pink. The Sun is low in the sky when it is up and every sun beam travels a long way through the atmosphere. During its transfer through the air, the sunlight interacts with matter in three ways. It can be absorbed, transmitted, or reflected. The latter can happen multiple times. Nitrogen and oxygen are  most effective in scattering the shorter wavelengths of the visible spectrum. They scatter violet light most easily, followed by blue, green, etc. Thus, when the sunbeam has a long path through the atmosphere, it encounters much more molecules and particles than at the same time of the year in mid-latitudes. This results in increased scattering and keeps the red and orange of the light leading to the pink blush skies.

midlife woman in work outfit
Mock turtleneck sweater,black and white sheath dress with blush pink quilted Halogen leather jacket for a classic with a twist office look

Outfit inspired by Alaska’s blush pink winter skies

I am not a huge fan of pastels, but I love the blush pink of Alaska winter skies. Interestingly, pink is the only pastel in my closet, and I tend to wear it in combination with other colors in a way it occurs in Alaska winter. Here, for instance, I combined my blush pink quilted leather jacket with my black and white sheath. Think snow, blush sky, and black spruce.

Alaska's blush pink winter skies
Alder, black spruce, and birch trees illuminated by the low sun to illustrate the pink light of winters in Interior Alaska

Outerwear is an outfit too

I held my outerwear in black, blue, and white like black spruce, and snow under the midday sky in Alaska in March. The outfit combines my shearling coat with an ethnic belt and statement bag and my boot toppers to dress up my boots.

Stylish winter outfit with boot toppers
Shearling coat with hat, blue scarf, blue gloves (similar), statement bag, knee-high boots (all own) topped with boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot
midlife woman wearing a shearling coat and boot toppers
Shearling coat belted with an ethnic belt to add some shape for a stylish winter look, boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

What inspires you? Art, nature, movies? How do you pick the color combinations of your outfits? Let me know, I am curious to read you email.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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