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Today’s post is about branding sort off or about how you can comment on Google+ under your blog’s name. Here are the steps of what to do:

When you create a Google email, Google creates also your Google+ account. There you can get your name as custom URL. When you post from there Google+ adds the name under which you signed up for your gmail account. This name is usually your legal name even though your email may have the account myblogname@gmail.com. For instance, in my case Nicole Mölders and highlatitudestyle@gmail.com.

However, when you want that your comments and posts are to be associated with your blog you will have to create a Google+ page. Go into Home then Pages and create a page under your blog’s name. It will have the link https … plus.google.com/ + “your blog name here written in one word”. In my case,

Fill out the page profile with all the links to your blog and your social media so your readers can find you on other platforms.

Now you can start posting and commenting from this page under your blog’s name. You just have to remember always to go to that page before posting and commenting 😉 . Share with your friends on Twitter how to comment on google+ under your blog’s name.

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