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#over40 #over50 casual polished outfit with skirt | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Loft printed skirt with striped sweater, Fossil white denim jacket, DIY necklace, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Liz Claiborne pumps (all own)

Have several pinterest boards

Most of you have a Pinterest account with various boards that present a great curation of material related to the respective board’s niche. For instance, a board devoted to work outfits, great outfits for women over 40, or street style when you are a fashion blogger.

Have several boards related to your blog to post to so your chances for re-pins, likes, and traffic to your blog increase.

For instance, I pin photos of my OOTD (photo below) to a board called My Blog High Latitude Style, the board of the respective month, for instance, June, and Great Outfits for 40+. Photos of review posts I also pin to a board called High Latitude Style Reviews.

#40 #50 work outfit for Casual Friday | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Side view of outfit with Loft printed skirt, striped sweater, Fossil white denim jacket, DIY necklace, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Liz Claiborne pumps (all own)

Get a group board

A group board, also called community board, collaborative board or shared board is like a normal Pinterest board, but you permit your friends to pin. You can recognize such a board by the group icon that shows several people. Look at the top of the board to find the icon when you are browsing someones Pinterest home page.

If you look at my Pinterest home page you see that there are six group boards, Top of the World Style, DIY Wall art…, All About You link up party, Casual Friday link up, Blogger Buddies Share, and Fashion Accessories. Top of the World Style is the group board related to my weekly fashion linkup party.

There are three major reasons why a group board boosts traffic:

  1. A group board not only brings bloggers together, but also is a win-win for both and the followers. Ideas are shared among your contributors and you the creator.
  2. Both the contributor and creator get more exposure as the board is shown to the combined follower crowd. This means more traffic for all. Actually, form a theoretical point of view the traffic grows non-linearly as every new follower who follows all boards of someone who is a contributor to your group board automatically follows your group board too.
  3. Together with your fellow contributors you spend less time on creating and feeding a board related to your common interest.

How to create a group board

Creating a group board is as easy as creating a normal board. Just click add+, name the board. Then in the section “who can pin?” you add your friend’s email address. Hit invite and repeat.

Pinterest sends them your invitation and when they accept they can pin to your group board. You have to follow them and vice versa. Send invitations only to people you trust.

In the same manner, you can transform any of your boards into a group board by inviting contributors.

Watch the group board

Of course, you should watch your group board and remove spam or even contributors who post spam or content that is not appropriate for your group board’s intent. Deleting a contributor is easy. Just go to the contributor’s name on your group board in the contributor list and hit remove. You can also delete your group board as you can delete any of your boards.

You can find further tips on Pinterest and group boards on Jeff Bullas’ blog here.


Typically, I pin my OOTD to the board of the respective month to have a collection that captures a certain temperature range. I also pin in to my blog’s board and to a group board where it fits. For instance, when I link the OOTD up to Zarouhi ZazAll About Me linkup party, I pin it also to the related group board. The same when I link up to Jodi Foster‘s Casual Friday I pin the OOTD to that group board.

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#over40 #over50 white denim jacket with printed skirt | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Back view of outfit with Loft printed skirt, Fossil white denim jacket, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Liz Claiborne pumps (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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