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posh chic look with sheath dress and blazer
Burberry plaid blazer with Anne Klein pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) and V-neck dress c/o Lookbook Store

My friend Greetje from No Fear of Fashion made me aware of the importance to use the actual link to the post instead of the link to the blog. Here is why it is so important and how to do it best. Every blogger who writes a post notifies their lovely readers using social media. For the convenience of the readers they insert the link to the blog. Well if the frequency of posts is low, and the reader is frequently online, this arrangement works just fine. However, in the opposite case, the reader may have to click thru various posts because the blogger has already posted five or more new posts while the reader was offline for a couple of days.

While for certain very specialized blogs, for instance fashion and beauty blogs, skipping thru various posts may be enjoyable and not annoying (but still it could be), it may not be so on blogs that cover a variety of things like parenting blogs, cooking blogs, or product review blogs.

Twitter just allows 140 characters at most. Thus, you want to use them for a brief summary or advertisement of what the reader expects in your post, and not use the characters up by a long permalink. First of all, you can edit your permalink. Throw out all adjectives and prepositions and skim it down to the key words. Second all blog editors have a button for getting a short link. Take the short link and use it in social media.

midlife woman in work outfit
Burberry plaid blazer with H belt, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) and winter white V-neck dress c/o Lookbook Store

Why? You can use more words for your notification and your reader who missed the post, but is interested in that special theme can get there directly. It is more likely that they read the post they want to read than that they search themselves to the post. Furthermore, when you later reblog or repost your material it leads to the post and not to the newest post on your blog. It is more likely that you get newer followers when they get to the material they want by one click only.

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I wore this work outfit of a winter white dress with a plaid blazer, H belt and open toe pumps early this fall when temperatures were still in the 40s (5oC). This classic office look gets it twist from the zipper in the back of the dress. For the commute to work I added my golden leather trench coat and sun glasses. The classic outerwear gets its twist from the material (leather) and color (gold). When wearing classic clothes, a twist is a must to not look boring. Tweet about this.


mature woman in gold leather trench coat
Golden leather Burberry trench coat with Burberry plaid blazer, Jaeger tote, Anne Klein pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) and winter white V-neck dress c/o Lookbook Store

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What are you wearing on these days, when it’s clearly no longer summer, but yet not really fall?

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