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All black outfit of Mary Janes, LBD, blazer, silk floral scarf, and pearls for an elegant office look

I have a love for black, all black with a pop of color. This pop of color can be either a bag, the shoes, a belt, or a cardigan. Just that it is not a full “blackbody”. I wear black year round, i.e. even in summer, Well, summer are not that hot to begin with in Interior Alaska, but they get quite warm with temperatures in the 80s (>27.7C). I do not know what fascinates me about black. Maybe that it absorbs all light and is the darkest of all colors?

Here I am wearing my black wool sheath dress with a black wool blazer, black tights and black Mary Janes. I added the “pop of color” with a black printed silk scarf that has a classical gold bows and red roses print. I picked this scarf up in Barcelona at the airport a couple of years ago when I was to a meeting for a book that I wrote together with some colleagues from various countries within the framework of an UNESCO project. It was my second time in Barcelona.

Barcelona is quite interesting not only for its nice buildings and art, but also for its meteorological conditions. It is in a horse-shoe type bay, i.e. mountains to all three sides sort off. Due to the surface temperature contrast of the city and the Mediterranean Sea, land-sea circulations can develop when the large scale weather situation allows for relatively low horizontal pressure gradients, low wind speeds and high insolation. This situation leads to a breeze from the sea during the day and out to the sea at night. Thus, the ozone that builds due to the traffic emissions during the day is pulled out to sea at night. Then on the next day this aged polluted air is pushed back into the bay where is gets modified by the new emissions.

#over40 LBD for work | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Side view of work outfit of LBD with blazer, tights, scarf and Mary Janes

Photos: G. Kramm

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