#fashionover40 mature woman wearing a sheath for work
White Graham & Spencer biker jacket with Calvin Klein striped sheath dress, statement bag and Anne Klein snake print slingback (all own)

Mix Rock’n Roll edgy with classics for a twist

I love classics with a twist. One of my favorite twists is adding elements of Roll’n Roll. I love the combination of edgy (e.g. biker jacket) and classic (sheath, slingbacks, pearls, diamonds, etc.).

Pro tip: Try a leather jacket in a different color than black as a substitute of a blazer for a classic with a twist work outfit.

#styleover40 mature outfit for Casual Friday
Same outfit as above but from a different perspective to show the pearls and Paloma Picasso belt (all own)

Fake nature’s color breaking with pearls and diamonds

I am fascinated how diamonds split the light into all colors of the spectrum and by the colors of the pearls’ luster. The luster of pearls leads to refraction, diffraction and reflection of light on the various translucent layers. The overlapping of the layers leads to iridescence.

Similar happens in clouds with the little cloud droplets or ice crystals they are made of. When the clouds are thin you may see various colors when the sun is behind the clouds. Reflection of light in raindrops leads to rainbows.

Do you wear biker jackets? How do you style them? Have you ever tried to style your biker jacket with pearls? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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