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DIY black lace underskirt. Juicy Couture patent leather slides, Karina Picasso print dress, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own), and green motorcycle leather jacket c/o Leatherskin

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Back to school meant winter clothes shopping

During my childhood, there were only two sales, summer final sale and winter final sale. These sales started in July and January respectively.

On the contrary to the US, where school is off from mid May to mid August, or so, in Germany, summer time off was six weeks. The time differed depending on the regions. Even when the vacation where late, it always somehow covered July.

Like everywhere in the world, department stores used the sales to test drive some new fall trends. Since it was sales time, winter clothes were often not at the full price one would pay later once the season was in full swing. Being frugal, my parents started the shopping for new winter clothes for us during the summer final sales. Thus, I never associated back to school with getting new clothes. On the contrary, …

Back to school meant downgrading Sunday’s Best

Depending on when the six weeks had started, mid or end of August was time for back to school. My late mom always insisted on that we kids dressed our best for the first weeks or so. She was a firm believer that
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Since kids grow out of clothes within a season, summer’s Sunday’s Best was now allowed to be worn to school! “…to wear it off” like she would have said.

#fashionover50 mature woman in green dress, leather jacket, and bag
Layering top, Karina Picasso green print dress, statement necklace, Ray Ban sunnies (all own), green saddle designer bag c/o Uno Alla Volta, and green motorcycle leather jacket c/o LeatherSkin

I never liked this philosophy. Of course, I understood that it made no sense to wear the new clothes already now. They were winter close, and it was still summer. Even though I was looking forward to wearing them.

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midlife woman in summer dress with underskirt, biker jacket, slides and shoulder bag
Karina abstract print dress, DIY underskirt, Juicy Couture yellow slides, Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses, lace layering top (all own), biker jacket c/o LeatherSkin, and Italian designer shoulder saddle bag c/o Uno Alla Volta

While I was still growing in height, “keep the new clothes for Sunday’s Best” meant the following: I donned a dress at school that my classmates had never seen before, and it was slightly tight, too short, and worn in. It looked like a hand-me down. I namely had worn it in rotation with a second Sunday’s Best (when I was lucky to have one) every Sunday all summer!

So what about the other “everyday” clothes? They were cheap finds my mother had picked up when browsing stores that specialized in selling cheap clothes.

The worst clothes I ever got …

…. were the itchy wool self-knit wool sweaters, which were hand-me-downs from my mom’s girlfriend’s son, egg-yolk dress pants for Christmas, and white jeans with a Laura Ashley type small daisy print. They looked like PJs. I hated them despite they had a classic straight 5-pocket cut.

When I was older, I refused to wear new clothes on Sundays. Instead, I wore them to school. Of course, I got a lot of critique about that from my family.

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It’s all about feeling confident in what you wear. I am more the kind of gal who thinks that diamonds are not only for the opera and holidays, and

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However, I am also very down to Earth when it comes to shopping. I would never buy a statement piece when a work horse is needed.

What the start of the school year means shopping-wise today

Here in Alaska, the fall semester starts in the week before Labor Day weekend. That means back to teaching for me. At that time, fall is in full swing and I typically have finished building my wardrobe for the cold season. Typically, I have already cleaned out my closet and summer clothes that I intend to wear again next summer, are cleaned and in storage.

midlife blogger looking edgy in a dress with leather coat and zipper details
Karina green-blue-black-yellow print dress, black DIY underskirt, Juicy Couture yellow patent leather slides with golden block heel, Ray Ban amber colored sunnies, lace layering top (all own), green leather biker coat with zipper details c/o Leatherskin, and designer crossbody c/o Uno Alla Volta

Best back-to-school trends for women in midlife

This year, I’m a little behind with my wardrobe update. Here are some of my favorite trends for fall beyond those I already added. More on that on Thursday.

  • A faux wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves – ageless style wherever you go. Plus lots of space to display your bangles as a trendy arm party
  • A classic cut, low maintenance  dress with an interesting, unique print that is great for travel. Family reunion time is around the corner!
  • A designer bag that is not the It brand of the day that everyone dons, but a bag that really stands out of the crowd of designer bags
  • Invest in a classic with a twist blouse as a wardrobe workhorse for work and play
  • Get a posh casual comfy transition season jacket with an interesting weave pattern or print that goes with jeans and slacks alike for running errands, going to the Farmer’s market in fall, and walks or bike tours during Indian Summer
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#fashionover50 woman in blue dress with Milky Way inspired print Megan Dress – Milky Way

handmade designer purse Handmade designer purse c/o Bellorita

Stylist in casual fall back to school jacket Whistle River diamond print front-zip jacket

#midlifestyle older woman in forest green faux wrap dress Margaret Dress – Forest Green

designer bagBellorita blue fish small satchel

midlife blogger in Tennessee diagonal placket blouse Whistle River Tennessee diagonal placket blouse

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