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Holiday photo card designed by using Basic Invite's template

Somehow October is the start of the holiday season for me. I put it onto my late Dad’s birthday when our family used to gather to celebrate. It is about this time a year that I start getting into the Christmas preparation and shopping mode. I usually start with picking a photo to order holiday photo cards as I like to be ahead of the curve. I want them to be personalized meaning that I have a hand in how they look like.

Basic Invite holiday greetings
Examples of holiday greetings courtesy to Basic Invite

Basic Invite is an online company that permits their customers to do exactly that and even more. It starts out with offering over 250 Christmas card and holiday card designs to choose from.

Basic Invite permits you to design your unique card

Once you have decided on the design, Basic Invite offers you almost infinity color options! This means in addition to selecting a design for your card, you can pick the color of each element on the card! There are more than 180 different colors! Furthermore, you can move the text boxes around, choose the text font, size, color, and the cut of the paper. It comes even better, you can preview your design online. This means you can create whimsical holiday party invitations according to your ideas down to the tiniest details. You can make the card so you choosing your favorite colors. Your fantasy is the limit. <3

Basic Invite holiday card
Colorful holiday card example courtesy to Basic Invite. The colors of the writing give the card an extra fun touch. They are like the icing on the cake.

Designing your invitation, greetings is easy as 1-2-3

Their software is easy to use and self-explaining. Here is an example I made. On the left is the Basic Invite design, and on the right how the invitation looks after my changes.

Basic Invite original traditional square design Original traditional portrait square design
customized invitation How I customized the design

You can even add foil

When I was a kid, I loved the rich metallic look of Christmas cards so much that I always wanted to keep them. When you like this rich look too, you will be happy to know that you can choose foil holiday cards in gold, silver, and rose gold flat or raised foil on all Basic Invite’s foil designs.

Basic Invite foil card
Foil holiday card example. The foil gives the card a rich look. Example courtesy to Basic Invite

You can even order printed custom samples

Basic Invite allows you to order a printed sample of the actual invitation card. Thus, you see cannot only see how your color design plays out when printed, but also feel the quality of the paper before you place your final order. How cool is that?

Basic Invite Peace, Love, and Joy holiday greetings
Peace, Love and Joy design. Example card courtesy to Basic Invite

You can go beyond white with the envelopes

White envelops can look like bills. But who will resist opening an envelop in a playful color? Basic Invite’s love of color includes the envelopes of the invitation cards too. You have the choice from over 40 different colors! Another cool thing: You won’t cut your tongue when sealing the envelops because all their envelopes are peel and seal. No licking necessary! 🙂

Basic Invite Married and Merry Christmas wedding card
Lovely red envelop matching the font color of the card. Perfect for the wedding invitation at Christmas. Example card courtesy to Basic Invite

Basic Invite takes avoids you the hassle of collecting the addresses

When my husband I got married 25 years ago collecting all the addresses for the invitations and announcement was a real time consuming effort. I wish Basic Invite’s address capturing service had been around. This service allows you to simply share a link on your social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)to ask for your family’s and friends’ addresses. This link will store their addresses into your customer account. Once you have designed your very personal invitation card, you select whom of your friends you want to invite. You even can have Basic Invite print the recipient address onto the color envelop at no extra cost on all Christmas card orders. What a time saver!

What is the first thing you do when getting ready for the holidays? Which design would you choose and how would you color your card? When you love to give an unique invitation for Christmas party, get ahead of the curve at their online store.

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Photo card examples and designs: Basic Invite

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