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Chic casual outfit for women in midlife
GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater with Ann Taylor Loft boot-cut jeans, Festina watch, L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps (all own)
midlife woman in posh casual work look with jeans, cardigan and sweater
Loft boot-cut jeans with GNW Luxe sweater, Moda International cardigan, Festina watch, and L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps (all own)

Every publisher has their signature layout. This layout makes even a page ripped out of a book recognizable as being from that publisher. When you publish a book – I published several books – the publisher gives you their layout template. You write your book in the look prescribed by your publisher.

Design your signature layout

When you are a blogger, you are the publisher. This means you decide how your layout should look like. This layout development starts with choosing your theme. But you should not stop there. Think about what kind of information you will put in bold, or italic. When will you use bullets or numbers for a list? When will you break a post and add the “read more”.

Header design should be consistent

What about your headers? Will you capitalize or not? What about punctuation at the end of lists and captions? Comma, period or not period? When will you use an exclamation mark?

Keep you photos the same size

What size will your photos have? Will landscape photos be wider than portrait photos or will both the same width? Where do you put the photo references? How do you disclose the origin of items shown in the photos, the copyright, etc.? How do you reference to someone? Which dictionary will you follow for spelling, hyphening?

Create templates

No matter what you do, stick to it. Your blog should have its distinct layout, your layout, that is so your blog. Your blog’s layout is equivalent to your signature piece in dressing. It is best to write it down so you can check it when you are in doubt. You may even create your own template and copy it for each post as the starting point. You may even have your template for posts that belong to a certain category, for instance, a series. In this case, regular readers would even recognize that this post belongs to that series of you. It is like the trailer of a great movie.

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OOTD: Posh casual look with boot-cut jeans

The photos break my outfit down. I wore the sweater with cardigan, jeans and pumps at the office on a -30F (-34.4C) day last week. For the commute I added a shearling coat with scarf and hat and swapped the pumps for booties.

Accessory | High Latitude Style | http://wp.me/p3FTnC-2X4
Zoom-in on the Festina watch, Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle (all own) worn in the above photos
#over40 #fashion Outerwear over 40  | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Cole Haan shearling coat with DIY long scarf, beret,  Loft boot-cut jeans, and Clarks booties (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm

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