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#over40 Classic work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Eli Tahari sheath dress worn as skirt under a cashmere sweater with burgundy Anne Klein patent leather ankle strap pumps and Coach bag (all own)

What to wear on a rainy, slightly windy day with temperatures in the lower 30s (0C around the freezing point), and short episodes of sunshine? The wind chill makes the air feeling much colder than it is. The high humidity and occasional rain do not make it better either. Instead the high relative humidity seems to go everywhere.

#over40 Classic work look| High Latitude Style |
Eli Tahari sheath dress worn as skirt under argyle sweater with Anne Klein patent leather pumps (all own)

In such nasty weather, wearing bright colors can elevate the mood of everybody. At these weather conditions, my Elie Tahari purple sheath dress with a shirt would be too cold. Thus, I wear a Lands End cashmere Argyle sweater over it and make the dress to a skirt.

The argyle pattern has purple, grey, and burgundy colors, which seem to scream for my patent leather burgundy ankle strap pumps and my lilac Coach bag. The lilac stays in the color families of the sweater’s pattern as it seems to be a mix of grey and purple. To finish the outfit I added a long pendent necklace.

For the commute to work I put on my burnt red cocoon leather coat (not shown). The leather keeps the wind off. Since there were only showers in the forecast, I did not opt for rain boots.

#over40 Work outfit with Coach bag | High Latitude Style |
Front view of work outfit with argyle cashmere sweater, Eli Tahari sheath dress, Anne Klein patent leather ankle strap pumps, and Coach bag (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm

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