April showers …

Have you ever thought about what April showers look like somewhere else? Whether there are April showers at all? How these showers affect what people tend to wear? Why so many people wear a trench coat in western Europe at that time a year? Or that

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Have you ever thought about that these (annoying showers) may be a daily event 365 somewhere in the Tropics? That’s why so many people wear flip flops there! Rain boots would be to heavy there, while they make sense in spring in the UK.

April dressing in Interior Alaska

Well, in today’s outfit post, you will definitively see what April showers mean in Interior Alaska. No, I did not get wet, and did not need an umbrella. But taking on some rain boots to face the muggy snow later in the day is a good idea. White denim would get dirty from splash, but white leather pants can be easily wiped clean once you come in. But don’t forget it! Splashes are never in style. 😉

In the outfit photo, I wore the slingback studded heels that I wore at the office. I skipped on the “outer” outfit as I did not want to spill your spring excitement with a light winter coat. 😉

#over40fashion mature Alaskan woman dressed for April showers with leather pants and layered cardigans
White INC leather pants with GNW polka dot cardigan as top, Moda International black cardigan for warmth, Paloma Picasso xo belt, and studded pumps (all own)

April shower inspired outfit

Here is what I wore: White leather pants and a white cardigan with black dots as a blouse. I wore a black cardigan over the dotted one as it was cold in the morning (see the snow) and I anticipated that it would warm up by noon. Then I could take off the second cardigan. I picked up the yellow red of the shoes with the orange vintage Paloma Picasso belt that I show in details at the end of this post. For another way to style this belt see the post at the link.

#accessories ornage Paloma Picasso belt for a pop of color on a rainy day
Zoom-in on the orange Paloma Picasso belt of the spring outfit.
The belt provides a pop of color to the all neutral work outfit and a gray April day

What do you wear when the likelihood is great that it can rain during the day where you live? Just curious.

Photos: G. Kramm

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