Accepting a style challenge

Sylvia from 40+ Style is hosting a New Year’s Style Challenge that I joined as a participant. One of this week’s challenges was to pick ten items and make a week worth of outfits around this. Another assignment was to incorporate color into and outfit. A further one was to wear prints. These assignments gave me the idea for this post. So to speak it is a self assignment, like some exercise for an exam – so to speak.  Here is the list of my items:

  1. Pink cashmere sweater
  2. Tartan skirt
  3. Printed cardigan

My self assignment: Make a collection of links to demonstrate to me lovely readers how one can wear them. Here is the collection:


Pink cashmere sweater:

Tartan skirt:

Printed cardigan:

You can find a guide how to wear pink over 40 as well as a guide on how to mix prints and patterns in the posts at the links.

What I discovered

This self assignment showed that I am more likely to wear a print or pattern in neutral colors than a girlie pink. This experiment also confirmed what I already knew I get a lot of wear out of my cardigans as I wear them on cool summer days as protection from the morning and evening chill, in fall as tops, and in winter as blouses underneath a blazer or other cardigan that I then leave open. What are your style preferences? I hope these links gave you some inspirations for getting more use out of what you already own and the challenging items in your own closet.

mature woman in work outfit

style blogger in work outfit with plaid
Outfit details: Landsend pink mock turtleneck cashmere sweater over brown plaid skirt with Dior over-the-knee boot, Gucci belt and smoky quartz statement necklace (all own)

So far for the style challenge self assignment. Now let us get back to real life. When I wore the outfit shown above, I topped it with the diamond-leopard print jacket, the Russian hat, camel leather gloves, LV silk scarf, and added my LV bucket bag to stay warm while being stylish when running errands. This “outerwear” outfit could fall in the category wearing several pattern/prints at the same time. 😉

Street style blogger with mixed pattern outfit
Diamond leopard print jacket over plaid skirt accessorized with pill box hat, LV silk print scarf, tan gloves, LV bucket bag, and Dior over-the-knee boots (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm

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