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Semi-formal dance event: Navy sequin black velvet sweater dress c/o AMICLUBWEAR, and own Very Fine Dance Shoes Latin dance sandals

This AMICLUBWEAR sequin accent dress review summerizes my thoughts and finding. Read it tbe informed, and to order the right size, if you intend to buy.

  1. AMICLUBWEAR Has Clothes for 40+
  2. Description of the Sequin Accent Long Sleeve Dress
  3. A Must-Have for Every Fancy Party
  4. Fit Is True to the AMICLUBWEAR Size Chart!
  5. Price-Performance Ratio
  6. AMICLUBWEAR Sequin Accent Dress Review in Summary


Disclosure: The sexy navy sequins accent long sleeve formal casual dress is a sample from AMICLUBWEAR. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


AMICLUBWEAR Has Clothes for 40+

In one of my insomniac online shopping (browsing online stores after 8 pm, my cutoff time for buying), I came across AMICLUBWEAR’s online store. As usual, I browsed for clothes that could work for women over 40. I was surprised to find so many in their store! Thus, when the opportunity came up, I applied for a review and was accepted. 🙂

#midlifestyle woman in trendy dance dress with sequins and velvet
Navy blue sequin black velvet semi-formal gown c/o AMICLUBWEAR worn with own Very Fine Dance Shoes Latin dance sandals


AMICLUBWEAR allowed me to choose two items from their online store. I picked a chic casual formal dress and a comfy posh sweater dress. Here, I review their so-called sexy navy sequins accent long sleeve formal casual dress. Watch out for the review post of their comfy sweater dress that will go up next week.


Description of the Sequin Accent Long Sleeve Dress

This sequin accent long sleeve dress hugs the curves in the right places (see photo above). The long sleeves keep the arms covered, a feature which many women over 40 including me like very much. Their black color has a slimming effect. The skirt’s hem is about a hand above the knee on my 5 ft 4 (1.63 m) frame. The dress has a cute short mock neck (see photos). The mock neck has a double hook closure.  In the back, the garment has a cutout. Together, even when you are taller than I am, the dress shows skin strategically. Thus, this formal casual dress is timeless.

details of back cleavage Zoom-in on the back cutout of the dress c/o AMICLUBWEAR. See the double hook closure on the mock neck and the zipper closure on the skirt

details of gown Gown c/o AMICLUBWEAR on a hanger to show the zipper and double hook closure as well as the loops

The dress has two loops for straight storage. Such loops are important to hold the dress’ shape. So far, I have seen such loops only on much more expensive gowns than this one. Thumbs up!

The fabric is a nice, super soft velvet. The velvet is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Thus, it provides great freedom of movement (see first photo of this post) and you can dance the night away. <3 Thumbs up!

details of the front of the garnment
Zoom-in on the sequins to illustrate the beautiful reflection, the overlapping expensive looking application of the sequins, and the interesting diamond pattern of the AMICLUBWEAR casual formal dress


The sequins are applied on the front only. Thus, they will not scratch your dance partner. This feature is very appreciated by the leads. Thumbs up!


A Must-have for Every Fancy Party

The sequins overlap (see photo above), which looks more stylish, chic, and mature than sequins applied side-by-side. As demonstrated in the photo above, the sequins have a nice reflection and are small in size, which looks very posh. They are stitched on in a diamond like pattern, which looks quite unique and creates interest (see photo above). It also avoids that the look becomes too shiny. Together the pattern and colors offset the risk of looking heavy. I got tons of compliments when I wore the dress at the New Year’s Eve dance.


Fit Is True to the AMICLUBWEAR Size Chart!

Attention, ladies! Please, please, have a look at their size chart! It is very, very important! I usually wear a US size 4 or S in dresses. However, according to the measures in size chart, I needed a size M. I ordered the dress in M, and it is a perfect fit (see photos). No clinching whatsoever. <3

The cutout provides some bra challenges. You will need a good convertible bra. At 40+, going bra-less is not chic even when you wear a 34 AA (75 AA) like me. I wore the dress for New Year’s Eve with a lace layering top underneath (see photo below). Baby, it’s cold in Alaska. 😉 I got tons of compliments on this beauty, and how I styled it.


#maturefashion woman in velvet and lace
Back view of the semi-formal dress c/o AMICLUBWEAR styled with own lace top underneath and Very Fine Dance Shoes Latin dance sandals


Price-Performance Ratio

This AMICLUBWEAR sequin accent long sleeve dress costs only $54.95 and with AMICLUBWEAR coupon (YOU55) you get it for sensational $24.75! It is perfect for the upcoming ball season, and formal weddings. When adding a layering top, it’s an option what to wear at the work holiday party or any semi-formal night out. Its timeless design permits wearing it for several years to come when you are attending semi-formal events with different crowds of attendees.

In midlife, we know that casual formal wear is more expensive per wear than everyday wear. However, this dress can go fast beyond the price of a glass champagne ($8 in Alaska) when you have an active night life like dancing, are in the military and move often, or have several semi-formal weddings coming up at the different sides of the family or different groups of friends. In the latter two cases, just remember not to post photos of you in your gorgeous dress on social media.

Pro tip: Have a jacket or cover-up ready when a wedding involves a religious ceremony. 😉

Another great thing: They have free US ground shipping on orders over $50 with the AMICLUBWEAR coupon code FREESHIP.


AMICLUBWEAR Sequin Accent Dress Review in Summary

If I had paid for the dress, I would not have regretted the purchase. Did you expect to find clothes at AMICLUBWEAR’s online store that work for 40+? Do you already have any items from AMICLUBWEAR in your closet? Have you already seen their new collection? If not, take a look. It’s worth your time even when you are not looking for a semi-formal dress.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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