Short days and long nights is not the worst of living in Alaska

This week several people I met complained about living in the dark. No, they weren’t new residents, and yes, the Sun is still about six hours above the horizon. Yes, we are loosing more than six minutes each day at this time a year. However, all these astronomical facts are not the original cause for the many complaints. Of course, not everybody likes the short days, but people who like living in Alaska do not mind them.

#over40fashion Style blogger in winter look suitable for Alaska
Lookbook Store motorcycle leather jacket with red Anne Klein cashmere sweater, London Jean boyfriend jeans styled with pearls, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and Michael Kors camouflage pony hair wedge booties  (all own)

Thus, why are they complaining? On average at this time, we have about 9.2 inches (23.4 cm) of snowfall which means a closed snow cover. But so far we only got 4.2 inches (10.7 cm). Furthermore, there were a couple of Chinooks that melted and sublimated notable amounts of the snow. These weather conditions left the ground dark instead of white. Thus, any vegetation taller than two inches or so (5 cm) still sticks out.

Snow adds light to dark nights

At night, a deep, closed snow cover reflects every bit of light, no matter whether it is from the moon, a car passing by, holiday twinkle lights or the aurora dancing in the sky. On the contrary, the thin snow cover with vegetation sticking out is like dark ground. It does not reflect the bits of random light that exist between sunset and sun rise. People actually miss this bit of reflected light.
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I am wearing a red turtleneck cashmere sweater paired with boyfriend jeans. To stay warm I added a black motorcycle leather jacket. I styled this look with pearls. As outerwear I added the red pea coat, wedge sneakers and a beret. Without the leather motorcycle jacket underneath this wool coat would be too cold. However, it will not take much more that this layering will not be enough anymore to stay warm and comfortable.

#over40fashion Alaskan fashion blogger Nicole in red pea coat with boyfriend jeans
LeatherCoatsEtc red pea coat with London Jean boyfriend jeans, Michael Kors camouflage wedge sneakers, and LeatherCoatsEtc gloves (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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