fashion over 40 woman in Euro style work outfit
GNW cardigan with Burberry A-line plaid skirt, Jaeger tote, Chanel logo belt, and Anne Klein slingbacks with a knotted pearl necklace (all own) for an office appropriate look.

In my first September in Alaska, I overheard someone saying to a cashier

“I am glad it’s September that means we are getting our lives back.”

I thought that she must be employed in the tourism industry somehow and having done many overhours. (Wo)man was I wrong!

Today, I am one of those whom a greenhorn – as I was at that time – would hear saying this. In summer, there is daylight all day. Plants need daylight to do photosynthesis – turning CO2 into biomass thereby releasing oxygen. This means everything in your yard from the green lawn to the wild roses, trees and weeds grown 24/7. 🙂

Since yards in Alaska are larger than in the Lower 48s and much larger than in Europe, this means that you can just start weeding again when you finished weeding the yard. In mid summer, one has to mow the lawn twice a week as otherwise the grass gets too long to be handled with a normal mower.

Alaskans who have a vegetable garden have to harvest everything at the same time to not loose their harvest by frost and keep on weeding to get a harvest at all (see this post to learn what Alaskans gown in their yards). Then there is the salmon dip netting, fishing, berry picking, and in the first week of September moose hunting season. Groceries are expensive in Alaska and rarely fresh. Thus, you want to improve your food quality. It is not fun to pay $2.50 for lettuce that is close to the wilting point.

Furthermore, all the house related maintenance like painting, repairs, cleaning the cutters, washing the windows, etc. have to be made within the 92 days of summer. On top of this, the schools are closed and you have to entertain the kids. You cannot send your kids outside saying come home when it gets dark.

You would not see your kids for 84 days!

Since Alaskans know that they will barely have chances to be outside in winter, they want to stay outside as much as possible. Thus, there are hiking trips, canoeing trips, fishing trips, BBQing, laying on the beach of a lake that everybody else would consider to be too cold to let their kids swim in. And yes, Alaskans swim in these lakes. Alaskans try to fit it all into the about 92 days of June, July and August.

Even tough I am not at all into hunting, fishing, dip netting, hiking or swimming in Alaska lakes I feel like I get my live back when my vegetables are harvested and the lawn stops growing.

Now to the OOTD. As you see I start bundling up. I am wearing a long sleeved pink cardigan with my Burberry plaid skirt and L.K. Bennett patent leather wedge heels for a bright office look. I added an opera length pearl necklace that I knotted to create interest and a small white Chanel belt. For how I styled this skirt when it was warmer see my posts on learn what to look for in a plaid skirt to not look cheap and styling a pink plaid skirt for the office.

fashion over 50 woman in work outfit
GNW cardigan with Burberry A-line plaid skirt, Jaeger tote, Chanel logo belt and Anne Klein sling backs (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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